It's a BIM-alicious day for VW Architect users

Posted by Jessie Newburn on 7/8/09 10:11 AM  |  1 min read time

The press was popping today with stories of Vectorworks Architect and BIM (Building Information Modeling). A blogger in India wrote a thought-provoking post called, BIM: A Digital Paradigm Shift. In it he said, "Vectorworks Architect is one such software that facilitates BIM in an extremely flexible, design-oriented manner in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Vectorworks Architect improves upon the existing design and does not facilitate replacing it, hence easing the workflow." The full article is here.

Robert Anderson, VP of Integrated Practices, Nemetschek NA Robert Anderson, VP of Integrated Practices, Nemetschek NA

A trade magazine called Interior Construction highlighted Vectorworks as "one of four major software products" for BIM. (Sorry, no link; the pub is free to relevant industry members but not available online.)

And the University of Southern California has invited Nemetschek NA VP of Integrated Practices, Robert Anderson, to speak at their upcoming event: BIM CON!FAB 2009. Says Karen Kensek, USC School of Architecture, co-host, "BIM is a paradigm shift in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction profession, potentially more far reaching than the CAD revolution 25 years ago - it impacts construction, fabrication, sustainable design, and collaboration within the building industry." You can find the announcement here.

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