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Landru Design creates another Vectorworks plug-in for entertainment designers

Posted by Theresa Downs on 3/8/10 3:42 PM

Landru Design has added yet another tool to their plug-in line-up:  The Staging ToolSet. This 3-piece set of plug-in objects is intended to make Vectorworks users working in the entertainment and event production fields even more productive. Users will be able to insert models of stage sections and risers, irregularly-shaped stage pieces, and step units. StagingDemoPVW

StageDeck creates rectangular and round stage/riser sections.  These sections can have legs, fixed frames, folding structures, or more simple construction. Castors can be displayed for select structures and different rail types can be displayed.  Dimensions are quickly changed through Vectorworks' Object Info Palette.

StagePlug creates irregularly-shaped stage pieces in a similar fashion to Vectorworks' Polyline tool. Corners can be angular or curved and can be easily shifted on-the-fly.

StageSteps creates "entertainment-style" step units. They mimic the fixed and self-adjusting types regularly seen around stages. Units are built based either on stage height and step count or on individual step rise and count.

"This collection of plug-in objects is yet another set of tools created in direct response to requests by the users of our other tools," states C. Andrew Dunning of Landru Design.  "We are pleased to be able to continually meet the needs of Vectorworks users."

For more information and to order this new plug-in, please visit Landru Design's website.

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