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A Lighting League of His Own

Posted by Joanna Weedlun on 1/18/17 10:57 AM

We’re all familiar with it — the scene of a performer coming out on stage, greeted by flashing lights, video cameras, and a sold-out arena of fans. However, what if that performer isn’t a musician or an actor, but a video gamer. For Remco Teunissen, bringing such an out of the ordinary event to life is part of his everyday workflow in his job of coordinating all of the drawings and set-up and take-down of these events.

After 20 years in the entertainment design business, Teunissen, owner of RTN Showsupport, says that while he hasn’t seen it all, he has definitely seen a lot. From working on the world’s leading dance event “Sensation,” to museum installations, and even the wedding of the King and Queen of the Netherlands, Teunissen’s projects and challenges have run the gamut. He says he likes his projects “the bigger the better,” and with the 2015 League of Legends World Championship, he got his wish.

To coordinate all of the show’s drawings, Teunissen needed to work with every collaborator to ensure that there were no conflicts between elements, like a speaker hanging in front of a screen projector. This is no simple task given that all involved parties were working in different time-zones and didn’t all use the same software, but Vectorworks Spotlight helped Teunissen and his collaborators overcome this stumbling block.

To combat these problems, collaborators used viewport referencing, to allow individuals to work on their components of the project when they needed to, without interfering with other’s work. Teunissen’s role was to integrate these drawings to check for errors, as well as to assimilate files drawn in other CAD software, which he says was a breeze since Vectorworks software allows easy importation of many file types.


Remco LoL Plot Plot for 2015 League of Legends World Championship. Image courtesy of Remco Teunissen.


Another advantage to using Vectorworks software, according to Teunissen, is the 3D modeling capabilities. By working through the drawings in 3D, he’s able to easily fly through the space and check for errors from different perspectives. The software also makes it incredibly easy to switch between Metric and Imperial units, which is an invaluable tool for international projects.

Although, Teunissen noted that his job goes a lot deeper than coordinating the lights and flashier elements of a production. “Besides all of the technical requirements of a production, there is also this very big part, which is heavily underestimated, and that’s the production side,” Teunissen said. “We have to plan for dressing rooms and furniture. Do we have enough fire aisles? Where is merchandising going to be?”

This production side is of extreme importance to the clients because it also affects the financial outcome of the event. “I also created a seating layout for this project, because it’s important for clients like Riot Games to know how many seats they can sell. And, then the ticket office needs to have a plan for how to sell the tickets.” By using Vectorworks software, Teunissen can create optimal seating plans for the producers, by checking sight lines and create the necessary documents for clients and venues.

To read more success stories from Vectorworks Spotlight users, head over to our case studies page.

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