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Discover the Roots of Today’s Design Trends and Earn 1 AIA LU

Posted by Pete Hicks on 5/31/16 9:54 AM
We’ve survived the Atomic Age, journeyed through the Modernist period, and now it’s time to examine how these historic design movements influence the architects of today with the latest Art in Architecture webinar, PoMo Interdictive Architecture: 1985 to 2005, which is now available on demand. Listen in as series host Architect Steve Alden, AIA, explores how modern architects are using the precision of computers to experiment with shape and structure, rejecting the assumptions of the past to push the limits of what a building can be. Read More

Topics: AIA LU, Architecture, Art In Architecture, Atomic Age, continuing education, Education, inspiration, Modernist period, PoMo Interdictive Architecture, Post Modern, resources, Steve Alden, webinar

Great Design, No Apocalypse Required

Posted by Pete Hicks on 4/29/16 10:27 AM
The Atomic Age of design following the end of World War II saw the rise of modernist, purely functional architecture. But once the threat of an apocalypse passed, the world of design experienced a dramatic shift away from the modern aesthetic, embracing ornamentation and expression. If we’ve piqued your curiosity, then join Architect Steve Alden, AIA, as he explores this exciting period in history in the latest Art in Architecture webinar, Post Preapocalyptic Architecture: 1965-1985, and take the associated quiz to earn 1 AIA LU. Read More

Topics: AIA LU, Architecture, Art In Architecture, #ArtInArch, Education, inspiration, PoMo Interdictive Architecture, Post Preapocalyptic Architecture: 1965-1985, Steve Alden, webinar

Earn AIA LUs with a Journey Through Time

Posted by Pete Hicks on 3/28/16 10:49 AM
We’ve already taken you through the post-WWII era of Atomic architecture, but one burning question remains: with civilization no longer teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, what happens to design? To help find an answer, Art in Architecture webinar series host Steve Alden, AIA, is continuing his exploration of the past with two new episodes airing April 5 and May 10 at 2:00 p.m. ET, each worth 1 AIA LU. Read More

Topics: AIA LU, Architecture, Art In Architecture, #ArtInArch, Atomic Architecture, Community, Continuing Education Credits, Education, PoMo Interdictive Architecture, Post-Preapocalyptic Architecture, resources, Steve Alden

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