Torsten Hild takes an unconventional approach to design in Sweden

Posted by Theresa Downs on 12/15/10 7:47 AM  |  1 min read time

Imagine being inspired by life itself and the ever-growing power of human will, dreams, and fantasies. Meet Torsten Hild, co-owner of the firm 2Hild, who embodies this inspiration.

Based in Borås, Sweden, Hild's firm won the coveted Golden Chair Award (Sweden's highest honor for interior architecture) for his work on PO Medica, an educational center for brain and orthopedic surgeons. He created a very unique space that reflects the important work being done but also softens the sterile feel. Rather than constructing smaller rooms within the large, old storage building that was provided, Hild designed two smaller buildings inside--one as a conference room and one as a workshop. And between the two, Hild created an open space for recreation, meals, and other private events making it "compact and efficient, like a space station, with an interesting blend of high tech and humanity."

POM2 The PO Medica educational center has elements of steel and linoleum throughout the space, along with wood elements to add a feeling of warmth.

To complete designs that continually raise the bar, Hild recommends using 3D whenever possible. "For me the big revolution in CAD drawing is working in 3D directly. So you're making the model from start and then you take out the information from the model. If you model in 3D from the start, it's faster than drawing in 2D, especially if you have the tools that Vectorworks has," explains Hild.

To read more about Torsten Hild and his innovative projects, please visit the Success Stories section of our website.

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