STUDIO HALFEYE uses Vectorworks for innovative product designs

Posted by Lisa Lance on 2/8/11 11:49 AM  |  1 min read time

Mr. Hajime Takashima Mr. Hajime Takashima

Hajime Takashima is president of design firm STUDIO HALFEYE, which has been making transformable toy robots based on Japanese cartoon characters since 1992. Some of the company's products include the completely-transformable GETTER ROBOT and DANGAIOH, and the transformable ESCAFLOWNE.

Mr. Takashima uses Vectorworks in all phases of design, including 3D modeling, evaluating the flexibility of joint parts, and simulating the transformation.

His products are designed in detail, and this accuracy is the most important feature.VWcapture1

His technical skills have gained attention from the toy design industry. It was previously thought that the cartoon scene of a toy robot's transformation could not be realized, but his products enable us to see the same scene as the original.

While other transformable products require the replacement of parts to express each figure's characteristic changes, such as stretching, the STUDIO HALFEYE products are fundamentally different in that they can be transformed completely without changing any parts. The structure of the robots relies on a high-quality resin that combines hardness with elasticity.

Mr. Takashima usdgaio_dg_apfes Vectorworks because of its remarkable usability. "We can simulate 3D modeling with the same sense of hand work--it is very helpful," he explains.

We love learning about interesting products created in Vectorworks. We thank Mr. Takashima for sharing his work with us and wish him great success in the future!

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