VBvisual provides realistic 3D plants for Renderworks

Posted by Lisa Lance on 4/7/11 10:24 AM  |  1 min read time

Beginning with the 2010 version, we have included a VBvisual plant tool with Renderworks that lets users quickly place and render high-quality 3D plants and trees in their designs with a variety of seasonal looks. Renderworks includes a few plants and trees with the tool, but there is also a vast library available directly from VBvisual.

To allow for scenes that contain hundreds of trees, such as avenues, large gardens, or parks without overloading the computer, no plant image has more than 10,000 polygons, and most of them have less than 5,000. There are also high-resolution versions of the trees available with about twice as many polygons.

bara3_00 Image courtesy of VBvisual.

The season of the scene can be changed easily without changing the scene itself. Spring, summer, fall, winter--these are created by textures rather than by geometry, and it only takes few mouse clicks to choose a different texture and change the season.

If you're a Renderworks user who wants to add more realistic plant images to your designs, visit VBvisual's website to see what they have to offer.

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