connectCAD 2013 makes life easier for broadcast, A/V, and telecom system designers

Posted by Lisa Lance on 1/15/13 7:37 AM  |  1 min read time

The 2013 version of connectCAD, a plug-in for Vectorworks software that is purpose-built for designing broadcast, A/V, telecom, lighting, IT cabling, and other connected systems, is now available.

The latest version is not only fully compatible with Vectorworks 2013 software, but it also benefits from key updates. Users can add their own fields to the device and socket records, and these are now fully supported in connectCAD 2013. Many people find it useful to add product codes to their devices and sockets to help them fill out quotations and materials orders. These now automatically appear in the Edit Tool dialogs and can be displayed in cable and device lists.

One of the core benefits of connectCAD is that it ensures the matching of as-built drawings and cable lists to the completed cabling architecture, avoiding expensive or even impossible re-working using other methods.

"Systems with proper documentation are easy to maintain and adapt to changing needs," said Conrad Preen, creator of connectCAD. "If users don't have documentation, the chances of making an effective repair or responding to an urgent need are almost zero. To give an idea of how bad this is, most of the time it’s cheaper to re-design and re-install a system than to catch up the documentation."

Please visit the connectCAD website to learn more.

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