3 Reasons Why the greenscreen Trellis System Symbols Should Be Your Go-To Design Resource

Posted by Guest Author on 12/19/14 11:25 AM  |  3 min read time

By Edwin Espinoza, Landscape Architecture Intern at Nemetschek Vectorworks

You’ve come up with a great design for your client’s property; the plants are expertly chosen and placed, the irrigation systems are carefully interwoven into the site plan, and maybe you’ve even included some sustainable elements. The only problem is the glaring, unattractive site element you just can’t remove. After all the work you’ve put into your design, are you really going to let this issue hamper your project? That’s where the greenscreen® trellis system symbols come into play. These hybrid, 2D/3D representations of modular trellis panels can be used to create walls, fences, freestanding screens, gazebos, and anything else you can think to put together. Here are three reasons why Vectorworks software’s green trellis symbol library should be a go-to resource in your landscape or architectural design workflow.

" src="http://planet.vectorworks.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Greenscreen-Courtyard-Image11.png" alt="" width="540" height="292"> Image by Edwin Espinoza

Maneuverability: Green walls can be the perfect solution to your site’s screening and green façade needs. The modules come in different sizes and can hang from a wall or stand on their own. Plus, their wide variety of shapes, like columns, curves, and even custom designs, mean that you can fit them into any part of your site plan. Need to hide an AC unit or electrical transformer, visually separate design elements, or block off a neighboring site from view? Green screens can be manipulated, adjusted, and assembled however you want to enhance an environment.

Environmental Sustainability: Green trellises improve more than just a site's aesthetics. By installing them along a building's façade, you can improve its appearance and potentially affect the temperature inside by using the plants to absorb and deflect solar energy. The planted trellis’ natural cooling processes also apply to shaded areas for people in outdoor environments, and having all those plants strung up helps bio-filter the air that passes through the screens. Their effect on air quality makes them a perfect resource in urban environments, too, especially since their vertical construction allows them to fit right in between buildings.

Ease of Use: At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, how can I start using green trellises right now? Well, they’re already available to Vectorworks Service Select members as a 3D/hybrid symbol that you can download through the member portal. The symbols contain reportable records, so that you can calculate the number of panels and brackets, as well as specific part numbers directly from your model. Vectorworks software also has multiple leaf and flower textures that you can apply to your green walls, structures, or façades to show your clients exactly what the finished design will look like.

To learn more about greenscreen®, visit our content partners page.

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