Fade Art Exhibition Examines Beauty, Aging, and Relationships with Color

Posted by Pete Hicks on 1/19/15 10:58 AM  |  1 min read time

In an increasingly youth-oriented world, obsessed with physical perfection, interior designer and artist Niloufar Lamakan explores the concepts of beauty and aging in her upcoming “Fade” exhibition. Fade, which will run from January 26 to the 31 at the Clerkenwell Gallery in London, challenges the notion that life begins with youth and vibrancy and fades into invisible grayness. Inspired by the unexpected behavior of color combinations, Lamakan is concerned with how people interact with color at different stages of life.

“I use the visual language of color to examine my own internal struggle with understanding what is age appropriate versus exercising the freedom to be myself regardless of age,” says Lamakan. “Fade questions conflicting feelings toward society’s rules for beauty and aging. Is bright always better than faded? There can be beauty of a different kind in faded colors and textures.”

Lamakan uses her interior design tools, including Vectorworks software, and fabrics and wallpaper to produce her digital art and prints. During the exhibition showcase on January 29, Vectorworks Technical Specialist Kesoon Chance will demonstrate how the software can enhance the creative process of interior designers. Chance works for Computers Unlimited, the Vectorworks software distributor in the United Kingdom.

To see more of Lamakan’s award-winning work and learn about her distinctive approach to art and design, visit her website, and don’t forget to sign up to receive a free ticket to the Fade exhibition.

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