Learn How BIM Gives Buildings Back to the Architect and Earn 1 HSW LU

Posted by Elizabeth Bauman on 5/20/15 11:48 AM  |  2 min read time

Looking to expand your understanding of how building information modeling (BIM) transforms the design process while earning 1 HSW LU? We have just the answer with our latest article in the May issue of Architectural Record. Written by Peter Arsenault, FAIA, “Building Information Modeling as a Design Process” presents a compelling look at the future of architecture.

AR Graph Image courtesy of Richard Garber, AIA, and GRO Architects, PLLC


Arsenault writes that working with BIM from the earliest design stages “allows total flexibility when making design changes or alterations,” giving architects, contractors, and more the freedom to build, assess, and analyze within the realistic landscape of a virtual workspace. Moving beyond drawings and models, BIM processes use “designer-defined information to create buildings electronically, in effect building them first within the virtual environment of BIM.”

This represents a paradigm shift from a linear “possible-to-real” approach to a dynamic “virtual-to-actual” approach that centralizes all aspects of the design process, as well as delivery of services, creation of deliverables, and construction. With an integrated system that takes you from design to construction, you can effectively reduce costs, save time, and manage your projects with ease.

The BIM process does more than create virtual buildings; it develops a functional environment for virtual reality experimentation. If all of your data exists within your BIM design, you can easily test for sustainability, analyze energy efficiency, and quickly make changes that, years ago, would have required intensive time at the drafting table.

Image courtesy of GRO Architects, PLLC


Still, many traditionalists see BIM workflows as antithetical to the drafting board. In reality, it reconnects modern architects with the role of “Master Builder” through the iterative process of modeling the building, engaging in the selection of materials, and overseeing the construction process. Equipped with a collaborative, cohesive BIM workflow, designs are transformed into actualizations that include everything from building materials to assembly techniques.

Read the full article and take the online test to better understand how to marry your design process with BIM standards while earning your Continuing Education credit.

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