Nemetschek Vectorworks Experiences Rapid Growth in the UK

Posted by Pete Hicks on 5/12/15 10:29 AM  |  1 min read time

The results from the fifth annual NBS National BIM Report are in, and Vectorworks Architect software has been named the most popular CAD program in the United Kingdom. Out of the hundreds of designers who completed the survey, 29 percent of respondents said that they use Architect for designing with a BIM workflow. This comes as no surprise, as the number of Vectorworks Architect, Spotlight, and Landmark users in the U.K. has grown dramatically over the past five years.

NBS 2015One of the primary factors behind this growth is Vectorworks Architect's ability to support a legal mandate requiring BIM deliverables for significantly sized, government-funded projects in the U.K. by 2016.

"We've witnessed a rapid and widespread adoption of BIM workflows from our customers, and we're committed to further enhancing our software's capabilities as a BIM tool and promoting BIM workflows that are collaborative and free from the constraints of any single tool or vendor's platform," said Sean Flaherty, CEO at Nemetschek Vectorworks.

Over 8,700 new designers in the U.K. chose a Vectorworks program as their design solution over the past five years, and as the 2016 mandate draws closer, more architects are utilizing Architect software, contributing to a 44 percent increase in new U.K. users in 2014.

"We are using 3D modeling from the outset on most projects now," said Robert O'Leary of O'LearyGoss Architects, a 12-person firm in Bristol, U.K. that uses Vectorworks Architect for residential development, healthcare and community design. "Modeling allows us to examine design solutions in context ourselves. We also enjoy less risk of errors between different drawing types, and the ease of generating plan sections and elevations once a change is made."

Read the full NBS report here.

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