Inspiration: A Design’s Dialogue with Nature

Posted by Pete Hicks on 6/8/15 10:35 AM  |  2 min read time

The Manazuru Peninsula unfolds into scenic Sagami Bay in a shape reminiscent of a crane with outstretched wings. This peaceful locale, home to the Kazumasa Nakagawa Art Museum, Cape Manazuru, and the centuries-old Kifune-jinja Shrine, revolves around an appreciation for the sea. It’s this seaside aesthetic that the design team at MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO called upon when designing Shore House, which recently earned the firm the Japan Institute of Architects' Best New Architect Award, honoring talented architects and their work.

© Ken'ichi Suzuki

Situated in the rolling hills at the base of the peninsula, Shore House is enclosed by trees from the land but remains wide open to the Pacific Ocean, offering stunning views of the rich, natural surroundings without sacrificing privacy. These surroundings create an ideal vacation home that sates the client's love of beachcombing and desire for a retreat to enjoy with friends and family.

© Ken'ichi Suzuki © Ken'ichi Suzuki

The form of Shore House is inspired by the family’s enthusiasm for beachcombing. By taking a variety of materials washed upon the shore and heeding their individual voices and characteristics, the materials come together logically into a form expressing how they hope to be. In this instance, an order is not an absolute dictate but rather a dynamic and supple state that continuously adjusts through considering the relationship between materials and environment. In the same way, Shore House is arranged in a manner that could be seen as chaotic but is actually a reflection of, and adaption to, its environment.

Mount-Fuji-Architects_shore004_large © Ken'ichi Suzuki

Designed with Vectorworks Fundamentals software, the building is divided into three sections of different sizes, each positioned in a way that simultaneously clashes and complements the others. This disorganization follows the landscape’s natural contours, such as the edge of the sea, the tree line, and the intangible solidity of space, creating a dialogue between the structure and its surroundings. Shore House’s harmonious design aesthetic also prompted the inclusion of multiple terraces along the edges of the building, providing more places for the occupants to take in the striking scenery.


© Ken'ichi Suzuki © Ken'ichi Suzuki

“The dialogue relationship between the architecture and the nearby geography allows the design to expand endlessly because the order of the design is open to the surroundings,” says Masahiro Harada, principal of MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO. “The purpose of our design is to create a benevolent harmony between Shore House and the world.”

© Ken'ichi Suzuki © Ken'ichi Suzuki

To view more of MOUNT FUJI ARCHITECTS STUDIO’s work, visit their portfolio.

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