Tech Roundup: Vectorworks 2016 Special Edition

Posted by Pete Hicks on 10/2/15 11:59 AM  |  2 min read time

There are a lot of exciting new features in Vectorworks 2016, and we know you want to start incorporating them into your design workflow right away. That’s why we asked three designers who’ve been using these features to share some insight on what they’ve found to be best practices when it come to the latest release of Vectorworks software.

Project Sharing

“When starting a project file, it is important for team members to understand what level of permission they will have and what they will or will not be able to do. One member of the team should be assigned as the administrator of the project file, which will give this person control of the workflow. Carefully assign other team members with the proper level of permission, aligning his/her role on the project.”

-Luc Lefebvre, RA, OAQ, LEED AP, Project Manager and BIM Manager at King + King Architects


Learn more about how to use Project Sharing with these step-by-step how-to videos.



“The best way to get the most out of Energos is to start using it early in design. Start with basic propositions like orientation and wall assembly R-value, then test them. As the design matures, get incrementally more detailed in your energy assumptions as your confidence in the validity of the model grows. Mostly, have fun with it!”

-François Lévy, AIA, Author and Partner, Lévy Kohlhaas Architecture




“Keep it simple at first. Learn to break up scripts into pieces so that you just deal with one operation at a time. Then, create an array and connect them. If you try to create a big array from the start, you can get lost very quickly, and it’s hard to troubleshoot if it’s too big and you’re unsure of where the mistake could be.”

-Stanley Rostas, AIA, LEED, BD&C, IIA, CNU, Principal at Shook Kelley



As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or tweet at us @VectorworksHelp. And check out the Vectorworks 2016 page for more information about the over 100 new features now available to help you transform the world.

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