Vectorworks Acquires ESP Vision's Product Line, Fortifies Market Position in Entertainment Design

Posted by Hannah Force on 10/21/15 11:56 AM  |  2 min read time

For the past decade, lighting, film, TV, exhibit, concert, theatre, and other designers have exported their light plots, scenic designs, and event models created with Vectorworks Spotlight software to ESP Vision to cue and visualize award-winning experiences. With our recent acquisition of the ESP Vision product line, which includes Vision Pro, the most advanced lighting pre-visualization software available for both PC and Mac operating systems, we've created a path to further enable such workflow collaboration.


"This purchase fortifies Vectorworks' global market leadership position and signals our continuous commitment to the entertainment design industry at a time when visualization capabilities are becoming a more mission-critical, cost-effective means of cueing a show in advance," says Stewart Rom, Vectorworks' chief marketing officer. "Bringing Vision into the Vectorworks product portfolio places the integration of its pre-visualization capabilities on the Spotlight software roadmap."


Vectorworks will continue to support ESP Vision’s existing customers. In addition, Vision's technical team will  join forces with our development and support group to further develop integrated tools that serve professionals involved in the design and production of live events and exhibitions.

"It's an exciting time for Vision and Vectorworks Spotlight software users, as the industry standard in lighting design documentation now also owns the highest-quality pre-visualization software in the industry," said Alan “AJ” Jesse, director of support at ESP Vision. "Our companies have thrived when working together over the past few years, and I can't wait to see what the future has in store for these two products."

main_VisionProFrom October 23 through October 25, you can get the inside scoop on our news at booth #369 at the 2015 Live Design International (LDI) conference in Las Vegas. ESP Vision staff will be joining us at #LDI2015 to talk about the announcement and showcase our collaborative product capabilities. There will also be plenty to learn at our booth with intriguing sessions by Emmy Award-winning, industry-celebrated designers. You’ll not only discover more about our acquisition, but delve into #Vectorworks2016, explore interesting case studies, and take away practical, workflow-enhancing tips. Additionally, we’ll be giving away free t-shirts, mugs, and even a free trip to the 2016 Vectorworks Design Summit!


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