Vectorworks Inspires International Audiences, Talks BIM, During Nordic Design Day Event

Posted by Pete Hicks on 10/19/15 11:56 AM  |  2 min read time

Design professionals from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark recently gathered to share insights and forge lasting international connections at the inaugural Vectorworks Nordic Design Day. Held in Oslo, Norway, the event fostered a spirit of community among architects and designers, as well as reinforced Vectorworks’ commitment to supporting creative minds all over the world.

Basem Besada, CEO of BMV Studio, the Vectorworks distributor in Sweden, welcomes attendees.

“While each of the Nordic markets has distinct design industry traditions and standards, there is also a great opportunity for synergy among them,” said Scott Campbell, CEO of dakantus+ AS, the authorized Vectorworks software distributor in Norway. “It was also great for everyone to meet Vectorworks’ CEO Sean Flaherty, who addressed attendees, sharing the company's 30-year history, strategic objectives, and product roadmap, as well as emphasizing how important the Nordic region is to the future of the design industry, particularly related to BIM workflows.”

Vectorworks, Inc. CEO Sean Flaherty inspires event attendees with his vision for the future of design and Vectorworks software.

While the Nordic countries have many sophisticated BIM users, they also have firms that work in a 2D workflow, so a large focus of the event was about implementing and improving BIM workflows. And, as the name of the event would suggest, design was also a major highlight of the event. As part of the spotlight on great design, the event was held at The Thief hotel, one of the most visually striking buildings in Oslo, which was designed with Vectorworks software. Featured speakers also included visionary architects like Nils Mjaaland of Blue Architecture Landscapes, who showcased his firm’s innovative projects and inspired attendees.

Scott Campbell, CEO of dakantus+ AS, the Norwegian Vectorworks distributor, explores the implementation of BIM workflows with Nordic Design Day attendees.

“The event was full of examples of great design while still touching on the nuts and bolts of the software,” Campbell said. “It was like the Vectorworks Design Summit on a smaller scale, and it was great to be able to bring content like that to a Nordic audience. It was a unique event for us, and the Vectorworks software distributors in the region have already begun arguing about who gets to host the Nordic Design Day next year.”

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