Tech Roundup: June 2016

Posted by Joanna Weedlun on 6/17/16 11:37 AM  |  2 min read time

Your projects will be picture-perfect after this month’s Tech Roundup focusing on CameraMatch, a plug-in that allows you to easily align your 3D models in Vectorworks software with photographs.

But before we dive into using CameraMatch, first check out these two videos to learn how to install the plug-in and add it to your workspace on Windows or Mac.



The successful use of CameraMatch relies on taking and selecting photos that work best with the plug-in. So don’t skip this video as it explains why you should break architecture photography’s cardinal rule of straightening your verticals.


It’s time to get started with the plug-in. Step number one: positioning your CameraMatch reference.


The following video will take you through the basics of placing CameraMatch objects and preview objects.


Now that you have your object set up, you’ll need to fine-tune it to match your view. Learn how to adjust your vanishing points and fix any errors in scale to achieve the match you need.


Once you have your object in its proper position, it’s time to render. In the next few minutes of this series, you’ll discover how to show new geometry and render objects in your view.


To put the final touches on your rendering, explore the tools for masking, cloning, and adding shadows.


If you didn’t follow the rules in the first video — and you picked a photo with a pair of near parallel control lines – fear not. This last video covers an easy solution for matching those tough views.


If you have any questions, reach out to us at or tweet us at our account @VectorworksHelp.

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