A Backyard Retreat

Posted by Zoë DiGiorgio on 10/6/16 11:42 AM  |  1 min read time

Tucked away in a 26-meter-wide lot in the historic Buenos Aires suburb of San Isidro is a small family home that has garnered a large amount of attention. Though from the street the building seems simple and elegant, the back of the house, which sprawls into a verdant, vibrant yard, is jaw-dropping in its ability to redefine the space around it.

front of house

The house, called Casa Mirasoles, was designed with Vectorworks software by Andres Fernandez Abadie, an award-winning Argentinian architect and professor at the University of Buenos Aires. His breathtaking project has been featured in publications and on several websites, including Divisare.


While the house occupies all of the buildable area right up to the perimeter of the lot, it makes the most of the limited space. By creating a simple, private façade facing the street, Abadie is able to create a beautiful environment within the limits of the lot that blends the interior with the exterior landscaping. The neutral tones of the building add to its earthy feel, and the wood detailing on the house and porch unify the environment; the house seems to melt into the back lawn.


Using a clean linear design and ample windows to integrate the features of the yard, including lush foliage and a bright swimming pool, into the house itself, the geometry of the building and surrounding lot are combined into a very bright, natural space, perfect for the young family that lives there.



Interested in learning more about design that explores the relationships between the built and the natural environment? Read all about it in MODUS News 5.

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