Bring on the BIM: BIMobject App Available in Vectorworks 2017

Posted by Samantha Hyatt on 11/1/16 11:57 AM  |  2 min read time

We are ‘BIM’ing with pride to announce that the free BIMobject App is now integrated into Vectorworks 2017 software. The App manages and downloads native Vectorworks content and easily converts DWG, SKP, and 3DS content into information-rich Vectorworks content. This is done entirely in the background and delivers the same user experience no matter the source data format. Additionally, the app includes over 4,600 objects from more than 260 brands, an unprecedented amount of content for a newly-introduced App. In turn, the manufacturers who support BIMobject with these formats gain immediate access to the Vectorworks user base of up to 650,000 users.

“The BIMobject App in Vectorworks 2017 is a major milestone in our continued mission to provide designers with access to building material and product specifications for building information models,” said Robert Anderson, vice president of integrated practice at Vectorworks. “We’re extremely proud to be releasing such a content-rich App, and we greatly appreciate the support of BIMobject in helping make this a reality.”

The App stores all non-graphical object data in Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, which is platform-neutral with a non-proprietary open file format. This means if you create a project using content from the BIMobject App, then export using IFC, it will preserve all the manufacturer product information through the export.

“The fact that the BIMobject App for Vectorworks is pre-installed is really good, giving direct access of up to 650,000 potential designers for all our manufacturers and brands that are published in the BIMobject Cloud,” said Johan Dyrssen, teamleader for Web Development at BIMobject. “It will be a great synergy with the Vectorworks application and make the BIMobject Cloud the preferred choice for downloading BIM objects and product information from the web.”

Anderson will be showcasing the App in his presentation “Vectorworks and BIMobject” at the BIMobject LIVe Worldwide Business Conference that kicks off tomorrow in Malmö, Sweden. The two-day conference focuses on building information modeling, future technology, and the power of digital products’ internet distribution.

Ready to try the BIMobject App for yourself? Current Vectorworks users can access the tool by downloading the Service Pack 1 update, and if you’re purchasing a Vectorworks 2017 license, just make sure Service Pack 1 was downloaded too.

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