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Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/5/21 12:54 PM  |  4 min read time
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It’s a wrap! The first virtual Vectorworks Open House is in the books and we couldn’t be happier with how the event turned out. It’s certainly an event to remember, one we’d love to do again in the future.

We covered a wide variety of topics, such as:
  • Our development roadmap
  • Collaboration
  • Algorithms-aided design
  • 3D modeling & rendering
  • Entertainment
  • Site design & GIS workflows
  • BIM & data management
  • Academics
  • Licensing & purchasing options
  • Usability & learning


We could say so much more about the event, but for now here are three key takeaways!

Virtual events are here to stay

As we await the return to in-person events, one thing that’s certain is that virtual events aren’t going anywhere. Especially for companies who work with a global client base, the virtual format works so well to connect with people overseas.

Though we long to host another in-person Design Summit as soon as possible, we’re quite happy to be able to meet with people around the world in a virtual space. These virtual events will continue offering users an opportunity to connect with the Vectorworks team from the comfort of their homes.

Once it’s safe to do so, expect to see hybrid events from us!

The Vectorworks community is as eager to share thoughts as we are to listen

It’s been so long since our last Design Summit that it was good to be reminded of how amazing the Vectorworks community is. It’s of course always inspiring to see projects from the community, but nothing can compare to the organic bliss of face-to-face interaction, even virtually. 

The room focusing on algorithms-aided design — see our introductory blog on the topic — was particularly special, as a few stayed for a large portion of the day.


The algorithms-aided design room at Open House.

Here are some thoughts about the event from attendees:

I liked the opportunity to communicate directly with people in living color (without masks) and getting direct responses from comments or suggestions.

I appreciated being able to talk to engineers and senior staff. I also like going into the event and helping others to understand Vectorworks’ features better. 

I liked most the flexibility to come and go as needed and get a wide variety of my questions answered.

The openness of the developers was great! I liked being able to give input and new ideas to improve the software, and to talk as if we were all in a pub having a casual conversation.

3D modeling was the topic of the day

Our breakout room on 3D modeling was by far the most attended, and it’s no surprise — 3D modeling is a powerful and flexible way to approach a project. Techniques like push/pull, sub-division, and NURBS modeling allow designers to pack detail into projects in ways that simply aren’t possible in 2D. That’s not to mention the ability to produce renderings and visualizations to give clients a lifelike view of the project before implementation, an asset to all industries.

Check out some additional resources for 3D modeling in Vectorworks. There are plenty of free tutorials on the University that dig into best practices for each industry.  

Learn more about 3D modeling

The Open House provided customers 10 straight hours of access to Vectorworks developers, product experts, and senior leaders, and we loved the opportunity to engage with the amazing community. The day was long, but the conversations were inspiring!

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