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Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/25/21 10:57 AM  |  4 min read time
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Vectorworks has been around a long time, all the way back to its humble beginnings as MiniCAD in ’85.

It’s no stretch to say that the software has evolved in huge ways.

Along with collaboration with big names in the software industry, much of the reason Vectorworks has evolved is the commitment from our executive and R&D teams to quality, performance, usability, and purpose-built tools.

Vectorworks 2022 delivers on those areas better than any previous version. And 2022’s advancements are in part an act of future-proofing so it’s ready for the constantly evolving software marketplace.


Let’s look at some of the tech advancements in Vectorworks 2022.

Vectorworks on Apple M1 Silicon Processors

For those using Vectorworks on MacOS, version 2022 runs natively on Apple Silicon processors, which offers huge performance gains — specifically making Vectorworks run two to four times faster in areas like opening files, 3D navigation, panning, zooming, object and tool selection, editing object parameters, and hidden-line rendering.

→Read more about our testing with Apple’s M1 silicon chip.

Vectorworks 2022 is also compatible with MacOS Monterey, Apple’s next major operating system update.

Vectorworks on MacOS Metal & Windows DirectX

First impressions are powerful. That’s why version 2022 focuses on critical areas of interactive real-time graphics.

The Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) in version 2022 has been modernized for your chosen hardware: Metal on Mac and DirectX on Windows, the most robust GPU APIs out there.

Our Fastest Rendering Mode Yet

In partnership with Maxon, Vectoworks 2022 introduces a new GPU-enabled render mode called “Redshift,” which speeds up rendering time without sacrificing design quality with features like lighting, reflections, volumetric effects, camera effects, and anti-aliasing.

Direct-Sync Rendering with Twinmotion

Vectorworks 2022 has a direct link between your model and Twinmotion, allowing you to make changes in Vectorworks and have them easily reflected in the linked file.

This is a powerful new option to visualize your projects. It’s easy, too; all you have to do is select the new Datasmith Direct Link option to generate a link, then import that link into Twinmotion. This direct link eliminates the intermediate steps of exporting and importing each time you make a change to the model.

Those who have a Vectorworks 2022 license can get a FREE Twinmotion license through the Vectorworks customer portal. The offer is valid until March 31, 2022.

New Interactive User Interface Features

New UI features in Vectorworks give you greater control in the way you set up your workspace and effective new ways to increase your efficiency.

Modernization of the attributes palette lets you organize your workspace with a more efficient tool palette layout. The new UI provides arcuate and immediate visual previews, removing the need to open dialog boxes.

A new status bar offers quick access to smart cursor settings and snapping toggles.

Modernized Per-Face Texturing

Upgrades to the texturing workflow give you the ability to map textures to different faces of the same solid object with the ability to rescale and more. You’ll be able to cut down your texturing time with this efficient and more perceptive way to freely create custom objects.

Additionally, the render tab of the Object Info palette has been updated to let you easily view and manage the textures on an object’s various faces.

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