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Alex Altieri
A content writer with Vectorworks since early 2019, Alex comes from a background of journalism and philosophy. He believes that the AEC, landscape, and entertainment industries are filled with untold stories — stories about the most creative people in the world.
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5 Things the New macOS Big Sur Optimized with M1 Brings to Vectorworks

Posted by Alex Altieri on 9/10/21 3:57 PM   |  12 min read time

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on December 10, 2020 by Chris Conard. We’ve updated it with information regarding the technology advancements made with version 2022 of Vectorworks design software.

As of December 2020, Big Sur and M1 looked very promising for Vectorworks. Make sure to read the original text for information on our testing process and forecasted developments alongside Apple’s roadmap.

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Topics: Product Launch

Getting Started with BIM | 2 Key Implementation Documents

Posted by Alex Altieri on 9/8/21 10:15 AM   |  3 min read time

Looking for some support as you move towards building information modeling (BIM) workflows?

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Topics: BIM (Architecture), BIM (Landscape)

Design Summit 2021: Who, What, When, Where, Why

Posted by Alex Altieri on 9/7/21 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

Even though we look forward to each of our Design Summit events, last year we had to cancel the in-person event and go virtual. The experience taught us a lot about hosting events online. So much, in fact, that we're doing it again. But better.

Vectorworks Design Summit 2021 will take place November 1-3, 2021 on a screen near you! The event is free and invites the global Vectorworks community to attend.

So let's look at the details and why this event is a must.

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Topics: Events

Follow @Vectorworks on Social Media!

Posted by Alex Altieri on 8/27/21 9:53 AM   |  3 min read time

If you haven't followed Vectorworks' social media platforms yet, there's no better time than now! We're doing our first giveaway and you won't want to miss it. There's a serious prize at stake, so stay tuned for more details. 👀

From pictures of beautiful design projects to helpful information on using Vectorworks software, our social media channels are sure to have something for everyone. Let them bring you inspiration, software tips, and so much more!

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How A&Q Partnership Manages Large Design Files

Posted by Alex Altieri on 8/3/21 2:31 PM   |  2 min read time

The larger a project gets, the more performance risk the design file assumes. Files packed with too much information can be impossibly slow.

This blog will cover a firm-tested file management method to ensure design files perform smoothly.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture), Tech Tips and Workflows

Deep Dive | Object Creation & 3D Modeling

Posted by Alex Altieri on 7/7/21 3:34 PM   |  10 min read time

In a design software, flexible drawing tools and modeling commands are essential to creating unique interior spaces. The last thing anyone would want is for their software to limit their creativity.

Vectorworks Architect is perfect for the designer who’s full of ideas. Consider drawing, modeling, documenting, collaborating, rendering, and presenting any project all in one program — and consider that program equipped with limitless ways to design spaces and objects. Such a program would be quite an asset to a creative mind.

Let’s look at a few strengths Vectorworks Architect offers to interior architects for 3D modeling.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, Interiors

3 BIM Myths Architects Must Understand

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/22/21 5:23 PM   |  5 min read time

As the AEC industry continues discussing building information modeling (BIM), it’s become clear that some firms aren’t quite ready to fully embrace the workflows.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture)

Why Vectorworks Is the Most Cost-effective Design Software for Architects

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/8/21 4:59 PM   |  6 min read time

There are many decisions to consider when purchasing design software, the foremost of which is cost.

Software can be expensive, so it’s not a decision people tend to make lightly. Along with toolsets and licensing options, the cost of a software license is top-of-mind for any designer nowadays.  

At Vectorworks, we believe in design freedom and offering choices and flexibility to our customers. And that applies to the ways they can buy Vectorworks products. Let’s look at Vectorworks’ pricing structure, benefits from various licensing options, and how it all stacks up against AutoCAD and Revit. 

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Topics: Resources

Varian Designs: Custom Furniture Designed in 3D

Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/24/21 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

Forest Dickey has transformed a passion for woodworking into a career with Varian Designs, an artisanal furniture company out of San Francisco, California.

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Learn How to Embrace 3D Printing with Vectorworks Software

Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/21/21 11:53 AM   |  3 min read time

Did you know that Vectorworks software can assist with 3D printing?

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows


Posted by Alex Altieri on 5/6/21 10:44 AM   |  3 min read time

Continue your education and earn accreditation with Vectorworks’ monthly webinars. Whether you are a beginner or experienced designer, you can gain new skills, fine-tune workflows, and discover all you can do with Vectorworks. The more you know, the more you can create with Vectorworks.

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Topics: Events

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