5 Best Design Blogs of 2021

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/3/22 9:31 AM  |  3 min read time

Happy New Year from Planet Vectorworks!

In 2021, we gave you more blog content than ever before. Tech tips, new workflows, project highlights, design inspiration, and more were right at your fingertips! And you’ll be happy to know that, in 2022, there will be even more content for the architecture, interior, site, and entertainment design industries!

But, before we get to that, let’s take a look back at the blog posts you loved most in 2021.

5 Most Popular Design Blog Posts of 2021:

  1. “5 Things the New MacOS Big Sur Optimized with M1 Brings to Vectorworks”
  2. “Why BIM is Taking Over Landscape Architecture”
  3. “January Tech Roundup: Tips from Industry Experts”
  4. “Introducing Vectorworks 2022 | Design Without Limits™”
  5. “Object Creation & 3D Modeling in Vectorworks”
“5 Things the New MacOS BigSur Optimized with M1 Brings to Vectorworks”

Best Blogs 1

Originally published in 2020, we updated this post with information regarding the tech advancements of Vectorworks 2022.

Vectorworks is the first major BIM authoring tool to run natively on Apple Silicon, in addition to the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) making full use of Apple’s Metal API.

Vectorworks 2022 is also compatible with macOS Monterey, Apple’s next major operating system update.

Click here to check out the full story!

“Why BIM is Taking Over Landscape Architecture”

Best Blogs 2

Just as was the case AEC industry, building information modeling (BIM) is adopted into the workflows of more and more landscape professionals. This blog post will share the benefits of a BIM framework within the landscape sector, while also illustrating that BIM doesn’t require a complete renovation of your design workflows.

Click here to feel the power of BIM!

“January Tech Roundup: Tips from Industry Experts”

Best Blogs 3

One of our most popular posts in 2021 was one of our first! In January’s version of our “Tech Roundup” series, you’ll learn how to improve your Hatching workflows and how to use workgroup folders.

Click here to begin learning!

“Introducing Vectorworks 2022 | Design Without Limits™”

Best Blogs 3

In September, we released Vectorworks 2022, and, along with it, a blog detailing all the new design software had to offer. The latest software and robust suite of new features were made with one thing in mind: helping you design without limits ™.

Click here to see all that Vectorworks 2022 has to offer, and be on the lookout for SP3 in first quarter of 2022.

“Object Creation & 3D Modeling in Vectorworks”

Best Blogs 5

In a design software, flexible drawing tools and modeling commands are essential to creating unique interior spaces. The last thing anyone would want is for their software to limit their creativity. This comprehensive post on 3D modeling and object creation in Vectorworks Architect will provide you with information on the following:

  • 3D smart objects
  • Ready-to-use content
  • Solid modeling
  • NURBS modeling
  • Subdivision (or “cage”) modeling

Click here to learn more about 3D modeling in Vectorworks Architect.

There’s plenty of other great content coming to Planet Vectorworks this year. So, click the button below to never miss a post.


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