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Did you know that Vectorworks University has fully developed sample projects?

Sample projects are one of the best ways to get familiar with Vectorworks design software, whether you work in architecture, interiors, site and landscape design, or entertainment.

These projects are all organized using classes and layers, which is one of the things designers say they could use more help getting accustomed to in Vectorworks. Seeing it done a variety of ways on a variety of projects can help you get more familiar and create a file structure that works for you.

The projects also come with drawing sets so you can explore the interconnectivity of drawings, models, and printable Sheet Layers. When exploring the files, it’s recommended to begin by examining these Sheet Layers as well as the list of Saved Views. From there, you can dive into classes and layers to see how the documents are organized.

Here are some of the projects available to you along with links where you can download them yourself.

Architecture & Interiors Sample Projects

Sample projects for architecture and interiors include:

  • Custom residential house
  • Residential townhomes
  • Institutional building
  • Residential kitchen
  • Café
  • And more!


Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 8.28.39 AM

Landscape Sample Projects

Landscape sample projects include:

  • Landscape for an urban residence
  • Landscape for a townhouse project
  • Landscape for a building called “The Cube”
  • And more!


Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 8.29.19 AM
Entertainment Sample Projects

Entertainment sample projects include:

  • Fashion show
  • TV studio
  • Corporate conference
  • Outdoor festival
  • And more!


Screen Shot 2022-09-06 at 8.29.46 AM

Some Notes about the Sample Projects

Once you have a file downloaded, all you have to do to get started is open it in Vectorworks by clicking File -> Open, then selecting the project wherever you have it saved on your device.

With the file open, shift your attention first to the Navigation palette. In Vectorworks, the navigation palette is at the bottom right of your screen by default. This is where you’ll navigate through Saved Views, Sheet Layers, classes, and layers.

Beyond that, these sample files are canvases upon which to build your Vectorworks skills. You could simply browse the file to absorb information, make your own additions to the projects, or even try to replicate the projects in a separate Vectorworks file. The possibilities with these files are endless. Enjoy!

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