Custom Parametric Object: Festoon Strings

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/24/20 10:41 AM  |  1 min read time

This Marionette Monday, we have something special — a custom object for Spotlight users!

This object creates an array of festoon strings, which are those big, almost gaudy hanging lights you might see at a party. They offer a festive vibe.

The object has four control points — one at each corner — that you can customize for height and location. It’s easy to adjust the number of strings, the number of arcs in the strings, and the depth of each arc.


The lights in the object are symbols, so you can use the ones provided or create your own. Moreover, the lights transfer beautifully to renderings, as you can see below.

3D Rendering VectorworksRendering by Vectorworks, Inc.

While we’ve bucketed this object for Spotlight users, Architect and Landmark users need not shy away; you can use them too! Imagine arranging an outdoor gathering space or a rooftop bar. Festoon lighting could certainly serve you well.

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