Custom Marionette Script: 2D Polygon to Massing Model

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/1/20 10:40 AM  |  1 min read time
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A common workflow in the early stages of landscape architecture/design is to represent structures with 2D geometry to provide the site with a frame of reference. You’d import 2D GIS shapefiles like roads, topography, and buildings, then maintain the geometry’s data in what Vectorworks calls “records.”

When you're ready to work in 3D, though, manually converting shapefiles to massing models can be time-consuming. What if there were a way to automate it?

Well, there is. We’ve created a script that streamlines the creation of data-rich massing models from shapefiles. Visit the forum post for a free download.


The file contains a Marionette network that reads the record format information attached to a polygon and uses it to create the massing model. It also transfers all attached records to the massing model, keeping all your data on-hand. It’ll work with any data record and is highly customizable, so you can use the script for projects with different needs. The file also includes a worksheet that you can use to calculate floor usage data in multistory buildings.

Wondering how this script was developed? Learn more about algorithms-aided design with Marionette.
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