Service Pack 3 Continues the Mission of GDTF and MVR

Posted by Carter Hartong on 4/19/22 9:00 AM  |  3 min read time

The Service Pack 3 update to Vectorworks introduces exciting new functionality to your favorite entertainment design software.

One of these updates is the support of .glTF, a non-proprietary 3D file format. According to the file format’s official website, .glTF aids in the transmission, processing, and interoperability of 3D content across the entertainment industry.

Read on to find out what .glTF means for you, your designs, and your workflow.

What the Adoption of the .glTF Format Means for You

The support of .glTF adds a modern open 3D file format to the My Virtual Rig (MVR) import and export. Simply put, it enables you to experience a higher quality transition from Vectorworks Spotlight into your preferred previz app and lighting console that supports the latest version of GDTF and MVR.

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The integration of .glTF also allows you to meet DIN Spec 15800:2022 standards.

Vectorworks’ Commitment to the Present and Future of Entertainment Design 

The additional support of .glTF makes GDTF truly universal, not only targeting fixtures, but all kinds of objects that are used inside of an event. This continues the promise of GDTF and MVR, the promise of a unified industry working to simplify complex entertainment and production design workflows!

Same Workflow, Increased Interoperability

But the best part about .glTF is that it requires no changes to the front end of your workflow.

That’s right, nothing about how you design in Vectorworks Spotlight has to change. There’re no new tools you have to learn and no new process to follow. You can simply continue with the same way you’ve been creating in Vectorworks and export an MVR. By default, MVR will use .glTF when exporting your file.

As we continue to see more and more software, console, and lighting manufacturers support GDTF and MVR each month, you'll continue to see increased interoperability and faster workflows.

Service Pack 3 — Now Available for Vectorworks 2022

.glTF isn’t the only Service Pack 3 update available to entertainment professionals. Service Pack 3 also includes several updates including:

  • Workflow enhancements for ConnectCAD
  • Additional quality fixes for Vectorworks Spotlight
  • Support for PosiStageNet (PSN) in Vision

If you want to read more about our support of the GDTF and MVR file formats, click the button below and watch a free webinar!


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