Here are a Few of Chad Hamilton’s Favorite Things, About Vectorworks

Posted by Chloe Jefferson on 10/17/17 9:56 AM  |  3 min read time

Discover the benefits of the new Vectorworks 2018 features straight from Chad Hamilton, principal at Hamilton + Aitken Architects, a dedicated Vectorworks user, and one of our valued beta testers.


Chad Hamilton, principal at Hamilton + Aitken Architects.

Hamilton and his coworkers at Hamilton + Aitken Architects have been using Vectorworks since 1992. Over the past 12 years, Hamilton’s team has moved to a completely BIM-focused workflow, allowing them to improve their overall design and documentation abilities.

Hamilton + Aitken Architects has seen a major impact from Vectorworks software in the team’s workflow. “As we have adopted more BIM practices in our workflow, our design process has become faster,” says Hamilton. His team uses Vectorworks from the beginning of the design process, specifically for massing models and studies. As they begin to define building layouts, massing and spaces, they model them using the parametric tools. 

Hamilton adds, “It is easy to prepare multiple studies of important design features, and show them to our team and our clients using three-dimensional views of the building. As the project proceeds through more detailed phases of design, we continue to use three-dimensional views to make judgements and get input from clients about how the design is progressing.”

Hamilton has a lot to share about the tools in Vectorworks 2018. The top five features he raves about include multiple drawing view support, direct section and elevation editing, upgraded Renderworks with MAXON CineRender, robust wall modeling options, and Resource Manager enhancements.

Here’s what Chad has to say about his top five features in Vectorworks 2018:

Direct Section and Elevation Editing 

Chad told us that his favorite feature of these five is the editing in section viewports because it enables him and his team to design faster and more intuitively by giving them modeling access to the views they are using for documentation. 

Chad’s thoughts: “Once you’re in the elevation or section in editing mode, it’s easy to manipulate the views to see different points of view. This makes it easy to edit objects while seeing the relationship to the entire design. Great improvement!"


Multiple Drawing View Support

Chad’s thoughts: “Multiple drawing views is a great new feature that helps me with productivity. I can view my building model from different perspectives at the same time and see the effect of design changes in perspective while modeling in plan or axonometric view.”


Upgraded Renderworks with MAXON CineRender

Chad’s thoughts: “This is going to let us use better rendering quality in our everyday workflow and show our clients how our design is going to work.”

Upgraded Renderworks with MAXON CineRender.png

A rendering of a kitchen.

Robust Wall Modeling Option

Chad’s thoughts: “One of my favorite improvements is the ability to individually control where wall components offset with respect to other construction elements — this makes it easier to do a real BIM project with fewer issues, so the model has better data.”

Robust Wall Modeling Options.png

Robust wall modeling feature.

Resource Manager Enhancements

Chad’s thoughts: “The Resource Manager user interface for importing resources is a great improvement. The dialog box notifications have been made clearer, especially for new users.”

Resource Manager Enhancements.png

Resource manager.

Hamilton’s involvement with our software is long lasting, and we look forward to the feedback he will have about our software in the future. You can read more about him and his association with architecture on the Hamilton + Aitken Architects website.

For more information about Hamilton’s favorite features and to experience all Vectorworks 2018 has to offer, click below. 

Explore Vectorworks 2018 

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