VIDEO | Home Office Design for Interior Inspiration

As an interior architect, inspiration is just as important as any other tool in your tool kit.

That's why we offer you plenty of sources to satisfy your need for design inspiration!

You’ve seen what to watch on Netflix, films that can inspire a design, and more that’ll help your creative process. In today’s post, you’ll see a video from our YouTube channel that highlights a home office design, as well as exploring layout options and modeling capabilities.


VIDEO | Home Office Design for Interior Inspiration

In the video above, the design process begins with a mood board, which you can create right inside Vectorworks. This workflow is a great way to get your own ideas in order, but also share them with clients.

The video then shows you how to make an elegant crown molding by modeling the tray ceiling, tracing the perimeter’s edge, and modify the profile of the object which will become your molding. This process is an easy way to quickly transform any space.

In addition to the molding, you see other custom objects — like light fixtures and curtains — being made. You can create a limitless number of 3D objects in Vectorworks thanks to its flexibility and variety of modeling options. 

Check out the story below to learn more about 3D modeling and object creation.

READ | Object Creation & 3D Modeling

Thanks to Vectorworks’ extensive library of drag-and-drop content from the Resource Manager, you can also add a wide variety of other furnishings and finishes that you don’t have to create from scratch.

The video concludes by exploring rendering options, which are essential in communicating your design intent for a space.

There are several rendering options within Vectorworks that you can use, too. These options include:

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 If you’re looking for more videos like the one in this post, be sure to stay up to date on all things Planet Vectorworks.

But this isn’t the only place you should look for design inspiration. You should also browse our YouTube page. You’ll find product walkthroughs, tech tips, interviews, and more!


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