Home Screen Innovation Coming to Vectorworks 2023

Guess what? A Home Screen is in Vectorworks 2023, forever improving your startup process in the software.

The idea for a Home Screen was conceived by Neil Barman, Rob Hollis, and Fay Oreizi in a recent iteration of our Innovation Series, a proccess which allows Vectorworks team members to collaborate on new ideas, products, and services for our customers. 

After the Innovation Series, a team of our talented professionals helped design, implement, and manage the creation of the feature.

Read on to learn more about how the Home Screen came to be and how it will create an even better user experience in Vectorworks 2023.

New Innovations, New Collaborations

Rob Hollis, a licensed architect turned solutions manager, believes the Home Screen is an important addition to the software because it allows you to be more aware of Vectorworks’ capabilities from the moment you open the software: “Imagine just being thrown into a very powerful piece of software. It’s like finding a Formula One car in your driveway one day, and someone says, ‘Here are the keys. Go for it.’” 


Oreizi, a graphic designer, shared a similar desire at the start of the Innovations Series. She didn’t really know where to begin when opening Vectorworks. Oreizi wanted those new to using Vectorworks for architecture, interior, site, and entertainment design to have the ability to easily explore unlimited design possibilities.

Hollis and Oreizi quickly noticed the similarities in their ideas, and decided it was time to assemble a team and begin creating the Home Screen. The duo reached reached out to Neil Barman, an architecture product specialist, as well as members of Vectorworks' R&D, design, product marketing, and executive teams. Each and every person involved in the collaboration brought unique skills and perspectives to the table, making it a great example of what's possible with team work.

How the New Home Screen Helps You

But that's enough about us. Let's talk about how the new feature helps you!

The Home Screen is a centralized destination where you can quickly open recent files, sample files, and file templates. You can also easily locate learning opportunities, and see what’s new with Vectorworks. 

Your new Home Screen will also allow you to better utilize existing Vectorworks resources like Cloud Services and the Message Center. With these resources on hand, you can quickly find what you're looking for and get right back to designing. 

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Vectorworks 2023_New Version_1

Steve Johnson, Vectorworks' chief technology officer, is also excited about what the new Home Screen feature brings you. He said, "It is so cool how the Home Screen speeds up your existing day to day processes while providing quick access to all sorts of resources that will take your workflow to the next level. You can get to your files faster and you can see how you can expand your knowledge and skills to work more efficiently. The Home Screen is a fast lane to success and productivity." 

Vectorworks 2023 Is Here!

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