Check Yourself — Solibri Inside Available with Vectorworks 2023 SP3

Quality assurance and BIM go hand-in-hand 🤝, just ask our CEO, Dr. Biplab Sarkar:

“Quality assurance is a critical component of BIM, but many architecture firms have historically lacked a robust way to accurately and efficiently check their models. We’re proud to alleviate this pain point for our users in collaboration with Solibri through this integrated, flexible and time-saving solution. Solibri Inside provides automatic rule-based checking in a convenient application, so architects can confidently deliver high-quality, precise designs every time.”

That's right! We're proud to announce that Solibri Inside is now available in Vectorworks 2023 SP3! We've partnered with our our Nemetschek sister company to offer you a new way to deliver quality designs comfortably. With Solibri Inside, you can validate, report, and modify design errors in an easy-to-use model checker directly inside Vectorworks design and BIM software.

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How Do I Install and Start Using Solibri Inside?

To install Solibri Inside and begin checking and validating your Vectorworks BIM models more efficiently, follow these steps:

  1. With Service Pack 3 installed, open Vectorworks
  2. Select "Install Partner Products" from the Help commend
  3. From the Install Partner Product dialog box, click on the Architecture tab 
  4. Scroll to find Solibri Inside. Click on it to open it, and then select the “Install” button
  5. Restart Vectorworks and open a working file
  6. Open Solibri Inside (Window Menu -> Palettes -> Web Palettes -> Solibri Inside)
  7. Begin using the rules-based integration to start checking your BIM model and supercharge your workflow

Step 5

Solibri Inside currently offers you two different packages. The first, a free standard package, provides you the ability to do the following inside your Vectorworks BIM model:

  • Window operability
  • Door operability
  • Fire exits and entrances
  • Door clearances
  • IFC properties
  • Object name and GlobalID

If you have a registered Solibri Inside account, you can access and edit the free rule sets. Premium paid packages are also available.

These packages give you the ability to create customized rule checks to ensure your model meets all your project’s requirements.

Click here to create your Solibri Inside account.

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