Happy New Year and Happy New Roundup!

Posted by Chloe Jefferson on 1/18/18 9:19 AM  |  2 min read time

Already struggling to keep your design resolutions? We’re here to keep you on track with this month’s technical roundup, a compilation of insightful tips and tricks, helpful webinars, and software updates.  

Let There Be Light! With the Halo Background Effect

Eager to enhance the realistic quality of your renderings? In the video below, Vectorworks User Experience Manager Jim Wilson shows you how to seamlessly create backlit or halo-effect lighting in minutes.

Get Your Computer Up to Spec with CINEBENCH

Quickly learn how to install and use CINEBENCH, a utility for MAXON that allows you to evaluate your computer’s performance capabilities.

Brace Yourself for Another Round of Helpful Webinars

There’s a lot to discover about the Braceworks add-on for Vectorworks Spotlight and Designer, our entertainment rigging analysis module that provides design, production, and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under loads.

This one-of-a-kind module ensures safety and compliance with engineering codes and standards, creating a completely integrated modeling, analysis, and documentation process in one interface.

Want to learn more about Braceworks? Sign up for one of our upcoming demo webinars.

The first of five webinars will be on Thursday, January 25 at 1:00 p.m.


One of the Most Exciting Trends of 2018 Has Arrived: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR), which superimposes a computer-generated image on a real-world view, is now available for consumer mobile devices, making immersive and compelling viewing available to everyone. And in response to the fast-moving development of this technology, tech companies are creating new workflows. As a prime example of this, we have added AR capabilities to our free Vectorworks Nomad mobile app, specifically a new viewing mode that is available on iOS devices that support Apple’s ARKit technology.


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