Laser Visualization in Vision

Posted by Carter Hartong on 5/5/22 9:00 AM  |  3 min read time

Not much can take your event to the next level quite like lasers.

The visual element offers your design captivating color, dynamic light, and a futuristic atmosphere.

In this post, we’ll discuss laser programming with Vision, Vectorworks’ previsualization software. You’ll see how your laser and lighting sequences can be visualized in a single environment, helping you design at the speed and proficiency that the entertainment and events industries demand.

Laser visualizations are made possible thanks to Pangolin Laser Systems, a Vectorworks Platinum Partner. If you have both Vision and Pangolin, you're able to place and control Pangolin lasers within your Vision file.

Live Legends_Laser Visualization

Image courtesy via Live Legends.

Laser Visualization in Vision 2022

Vision puts the power to previsualize and cue your show at your fingertips. The software works with your console and equips you to program efficiently. You’ll save time and money by previsualizing what your rig can do. There’s no need to travel on site or have a crew on standby!

When working in Vision, look no further than the new Laser tool to start visualizing your laser designs. This tool makes it simple to insert laser elements into your file. Currently in Vision 2022, you can add either green or RGB lasers.

The Laser tool is located in your main Vision window, just to the left of the viewport.

Vision Laser Tool

Once a laser is placed, you can attribute helpful data to it — such as manufacturer information and device number — in the Object Properties menu.

A Free Webinar on Laser Visualization

We also have a free webinar with Pangolin Laser Systems! The webinar covers laser design and previsualization, which are essential in ensuring efficient delivery and safety for event attendees and staff members alike.

In this webinar, Lyra Letourneau, creative director for Pangolin Laser Systems, and Jim Woodward, Vectorworks’ senior entertainment product specialist, provide you with a walkthrough of laser design and best practices when setting up lasers in your Vision model.

The webinar will also help you:

  • Determine proper locations, angles, and safety clearances for laser fixtures.
  • Learn how to link a Vision design to BEYOND control software.
  • Understand the processes of zoning and programming a show.

Click the button below to watch the free webinar and check out Vectorworks University for other training opportunities. Special thanks to Pangolin Laser Systems for producing the demo video!


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