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Planet Vectorworks is one of the many Vectorworks resources at your fingertips, offering you news updates, tech tips, design inspiration, and more.

Our articles about Vectorworks Fundamentals are written to help you bring your design ideas to life with the CAD industry's most versatile software. For example, “How to Make the Most of 2D Drafting in Vectorworks Fundamentals” gives you ways to quickly create graphically rich 2D documentation.

The flexible modeling tools in Vectorworks help you design anything you can imagine. Just take a look at “How to Get Started with Modeling in Fundamentals,” which focuses on creating stunning 3D geometry. 

In this post, you’ll find videos, webinars, and training opportunities that will help you discover the possibilities of Fundamentals.

Vectorworks Fundamentals Video Resources

-> Vectorworks Associate Certifications

Let’s start with the basics.

Our Associate Certification gives you a crash course like none other. If you’re new to Vectorworks Fundamentals, this comprehensive overview is where you’re going to want to start.Please note that you’ll need to sign in to your Vectorworks account to access this course. It’s easy to do! Simply click here to create a username and password.

Having an account will let you keep track of your Vectorworks University progress and record an ongoing transcript of your accomplishments.

-> Vectorworks Hidden Treasures Seminar

When using design software, it’s natural to wonder about other features you may not be using. Perhaps, you’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible?

Hidden Treasures

In this seminar, our team will guide you through some of the hidden gems in Vectorworks. These tools and commands will change your perspective on how you use Vectorworks Fundamentals.

Getting -> Started Vectorworks - Fundamentals

As the title suggests, this learning path is designed to help you get to know even more about Vectorworks Fundamentals. And, since not everyone learns the same, the path features multiple training courses and different formats. You’ll find starter guides, instructor-led live seminars, and on-demand courses.

Like the Associate Certification, you’ll need to sign in to your Vectorworks account to access this learning path.

-> Creating a Custom Chair in Vectorworks Fundamentals

Yes, the video shows you how to create a sleek, modern chair; but, more importantly, it shows you the limitless design possibilities that lay before you in Fundamentals. And for more videos like this, click below to subscribe to our YouTube channel:


These resources — along with the others on our YouTube page, Vectorworks University, and Planet Vectorworks — can provide you with the new ideas and workflows to design without limits.

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