The 2022 Vectorworks Design Scholarship is Here!

Attention, design students: We’re now accepting submissions for the 2022 Vectorworks Design Scholarship!

If you’re an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree related to architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, landscape design, or entertainment design, this scholarship competition is an opportunity for you to take the next step in your professional development journey.

Note that submission dates and deadlines vary slightly based on the country and/or region you live in. Click here to see when we’re accepting submissions for your region.

Regional winners are chosen from all qualified submissions. Based on your region, you can win up to $3,000 USD. All regional winners then have a chance to win our $7,000 USD grand prize, the Richard Diehl Scholarship. In total, you could win up to $10,000 USD.

“We’re committed to helping students achieve their design goals, and this design scholarship is one way we underscore this commitment,” said Jen Hart, Vectorworks’ academic marketing programs specialist. “Students can win a scholarship by submitting a design that they've worked on during their educational journey.”

Last Year’s Grand Prize Winner

Winners also have the chance to be featured in our blog, Planet Vectorworks. Last year’s winner was Leslie Rahel Majer, who proposed the redesign of a public bathhouse in Germany.

Majer’s award-winning idea is located near the medieval center of Erfurt, the capital of the German state of Thuringia. Here, Majer experimented with the modern idea of the “bath” by looking towards the past. Majer stated, “Today, the ‘bath’ as a concept has become reduced to its sportive functions . . . [swimming pools and spas] have mostly lost their meaning as public buildings.” Majer further explained her guiding inspiration by saying, “Historically, the bath was a place to gather and meet, but also a place of cleanliness, care, and deep connection with water as a natural element.”

When discussing both the redesign and atmosphere of her project, Majer regularly returns to one word: “simple.” Majer said, “Based on the simple design of old river baths with a low figure and deep eaves, the special atmosphere of the place remains in balance. With its materiality, too, it fits into the small scale of the medieval city center in half-timbered construction and sandstone.”

Majer concludes about a misconception she perceives in the industry, noting that “innovation” can be a simple, yet powerful solution. And as you can see below, Majer’s design is truly powerful.


We’re so excited to see how you design without limits™. Click the button below for a chance to win up to $10,000 USD!

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