Your Guide to Real-time Rendering with Enscape

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/20/21 10:30 AM   |  5 min read time

At the end of the day, producing a stunning rendering of your design project is one of the best ways to get client buy-in. There’s just no comparison to a fully visualized project.

Unsurprisingly, there are a variety of applications to use for real-time rendering. Each has its advantages, but in this article, you’ll find guides, tips, and tricks on using Enscape with Vectorworks software.

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How to Use the Per Face Texture Mapping Feature in Vectorworks 2022

Posted by Carter Hartong on 10/19/21 9:30 AM   |  3 min read time

With the release of Vectorworks 2022, you now have access to a variety of tools that’ll help you design without limits™. Below are just some of the robust new features you can use in Vectorworks 2022:

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About the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers by GDP Architects

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/15/21 2:28 PM   |  4 min read time

With the release of Vectorworks 2022, we’re celebrating a few projects that exemplify what designing with Vectorworks is all about — no limits. One of those projects is the Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (AICB), designed by GDP Architects with the BIM platform Vectorworks Architect.

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Topics: Project Highlight, Product Launch, BIM (Architecture)

Best-Practice Workflows | Landscape Area, Hardscape, & Plant Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/15/21 10:30 AM   |  5 min read time

We’ve written a lot on Planet Vectorworks about BIM for landscape, and that’s because we’re passionate about how the industry is in the process of adopting smarter, more robust, data-driven workflows.

It’s no stretch to say that Vectorworks is the premier tool for landscape BIM. This blog explains why.

In this blog, you’ll see how three of the BIM tools in Vectorworks Landmark set you up for a successful BIM process. Those tools are:

  • The Landscape Area tool.
  • The Hardscape tool.
  • The Plant tool.
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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

You're Probably Doing BIM without Knowing It!

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/14/21 10:30 AM   |  5 min read time

Many architects and designers rely on 2D CAD workflows because of their familiarity.

And that’s valid. There’s nothing wrong with finishing projects in the way that’s most comfortable.

If you fall into this group, it’s important to recognize that even these 2D CAD workflows are evolving to contain aspects of information modeling (BIM) processes. You might be surprised to hear that you’re likely already doing aspects of BIM without even knowing it.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture)

Multidisciplinary Design with Linchpin Vectorworks Landmark

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/14/21 9:23 AM   |  6 min read time

FPCR is a UK environmental practice whose core skills comprise master planning, urban design, environmental assessment, landscaping, ecology, arboriculture, and architecture. Their history of over 65 years as a practice has awarded them stellar successes across a wide range of projects.

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Topics: Project Highlight, BIM (Landscape)

October Webinars: Dynamic Efficiency, Model Checking, and 3D Printing

Posted by Carter Hartong on 10/13/21 3:00 PM   |  2 min read time

Maintain accreditation and earn continuing education credits with Vectorworks’ monthly webinars. Whether you're a beginner or experienced designer, you can gain new skills, fine-tune workflows, and discover all you can do with Vectorworks.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows

From PowerCADD to Vectorworks: A Conversation with Eastlake Studio

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/12/21 9:29 AM   |  9 min read time

Chicago’s Eastlake Studio are on the cutting edge of designing with technology, as evidenced by their broad portfolio of captivating interiors projects. Make sure to read the case study for more information on that.

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Topics: Interiors

Vote for Vectorworks in the 2021 Construction Computing Awards

Posted by Carter Hartong on 10/8/21 9:30 AM   |  2 min read time

Each year, the Construction Computing Awards — or “The Hammers” as they’re also known — reveal their list of nominees “to showcase and reward the technology, tools, and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance, and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing, and civil engineering projects of all sizes.”

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Introducing the Vectorworks Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Posted by Carter Hartong on 10/6/21 1:53 PM   |  4 min read time

Diversity is about recognizing, respecting, and valuing the range of different ethnicities, genders, colors, ages, races, religions, national origins, sexual orientations, and persons with disabilities.

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Top 6 Vectorworks 2022 Features for Interiors

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/6/21 10:09 AM   |  4 min read time

There’s a lot to talk about with the latest Vectorworks release! Version 2022 is our most exciting yet for so many reasons.

In this article, we’ll explore the top six features in Vectorworks 2022 for interiors professionals. 

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Topics: Product Launch, Interiors

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