Sketch to BIM Webinar Series Presents the Concept of a Holistic Workflow Where BIM Informs Design Decisions

Posted by Rowena Winkler on 10/10/17 3:44 PM  |  2 min read time

Feeling wary about integrating BIM into your workflow? Thinking that adopting BIM will disrupt your design process?

Here are two ways that we can help.

Sketch to BIM Parts 1 and 2.png

On October 11 and November 16, we will be offering a two-part webinar series titled “Sketch to BIM: A Design Workflow Philosophy.” With Building Information Modeling (BIM) quickly becoming the norm in the AEC industries, designers need to know how to easily transition their creative ideas and sketches into a viable BIM workflow.

“Traditionally with BIM, there’s been a differentiation between the design phase of a project and the constructability phase of a project,” says Rubina Siddiqui, product marketing manager of architecture at Vectorworks. “The idea of a divided workflow, or software limiting your workflow from one phase to another, is no longer valid. Information modeling is more flexible and more pervasive throughout the architectural process, rather than being limited to just the constructability phase.”

Part I of the series allows attendees to examine the process of design-focused architects and how their approaches can be applied to a given project. Wes Gardner, senior architect product specialist at Vectorworks, will present the best ways to break down the common barriers associated with using BIM, and the opportunities available when exploring BIM technologies.

Siddiqui will present the second part of the series, where she will explain how BIM is more than process and not simply a software program. Attendees of both sessions will explore how successful BIM implementation does not need to seem like a daunting task, but more of an opportunity to optimize the client experience and more efficiently share data and information.

“The benefit of attending this webinar series is to realize there’s more you can do with BIM, or when it comes to software applications and architectural processes there shouldn’t be divisions,” Siddiqui says. “If there are, there may be something that you need to rethink. The whole purpose of BIM is to increase efficiency, increase productivity, without sacrificing your process — your design process specifically. There’s the perception that BIM is only about documentation and not about design.”

Join this webinar series and see for yourself how a more holistic workflow can work for you and your firm.

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