Teaser Tuesday: Automate Your Workflow with BIM Improvements

Posted by Leslie Briggs on 9/8/20 10:03 AM  |  2 min read time
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Welcome back for our fifth and final teaser for #Vectorworks2021! This week, we’re getting into some new features that will transform BIM workflows. These new features are designed to make complicated scenarios simpler, and to make your models better reflect the real world.

Smart Markers, 3D Grid tools, and Materials resource are just a few of these features.


The new IFC-compatible 3D Grid Line tool lets you create a structural grid that is customizable and streamlines the drawing creation process by letting you draw your grid in plan and having it and any future changes automatically appear in all views.

Smart Markers consolidate section markers, interior elevation markers, reference markers, and more into customizable tools. You now have more freedom to design exactly what you want and can even create your own drawing marker from scratch and define unique graphics. And when you publish your drawing sets as PDFs, the markers will auto-create hyperlinks, streamlining navigation through multi-page production plans and construction documentation.  

The new Materials resource is a revolutionary upgrade to BIM workflows — designed to let you define the graphical attributes and data of building materials all in one location, creating a single source for structural, energy, and classification information. Like all BIM elements in Vectorworks, when you make a change to a Material, any object to which the Material is applied will be automatically updated, letting you accurately report this data for your BIM projects.                

“From a BIM capability I can already see how Materials can simplify our class structure while adding a critical data component to our workflow. It will streamline our office standard class list, making it easier for us to organize, error check, control visibilities and also coordinate with consultants while still maintaining the data and visualization capabilities”

– Eric Berg, Senior Associate at Pacific Coast Land Design

With these updates, we’re looking to create a much more streamlined BIM process filled with helpful ways to automate data and documentation. 

Join the conversation in the Vectorworks Forum, where you’ll find a video from our software engineering team on these enhancements as well as 3D modeling, the Vectorworks Graphics Module, and more in the new version.


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