Teaser Tuesday: VGM Level of Detail

Posted by Alex Altieri on 8/27/19 2:49 PM  |  2 min read time
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This #TeaserTuesday, we’re teasing an update to the Vectorworks Graphics Module (VGM) that will make Vectorworks 2020 run much smoother than previous versions.

The VGM affects how Vectorworks generates and presents 2D and 3D geometry. In version 2019, loading tons of geometry could slow down your computer, especially on larger projects. Users occasionally reported slow frame rates when panning or zooming, and often loading files could take longer than anticipated.

The update for 2020 addresses these issues. The software will seem more realistic — as you zoom out, you’ll notice less and less detail on geometry, mimicking the way the human eye operates. As you zoom back in, geometry will load with its customary high level of detail.

This occurs at a micro level, unseen to the user — we generate geometry in Vectorworks with tessellation/triangulation, wherein the software generates more vertices to show higher levels of detail. The 2020 update means Vectorworks won’t load unnecessary vertices as the object moves farther from the virtual camera — which, for larger projects, can easily cut memory use in half.

And when Vectorworks runs smoother, your designs can become reality even sooner.

Tell us how excited you are on our Forum, where you’ll find a video explaining this VGM update.

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Since Apple’s June release of its 10.15 macOS, Catalina, our engineers have been diligently working to discern its impact on Vectorworks 2019 and Vectorworks 2020. We’ve been beta testing to ensure optimum user experience with the official release of Catalina. Stay updated with this tech bulletin.

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