BIM for Landscape Updates in Vectorworks 2023

Posted by Alex Altieri on 8/31/22 9:46 AM   |  2 min read time

It’s time for another teaser of what’s coming in Vectorworks 2023!

If you haven’t seen yet, we’ve discussed BIM features, user experience features, and more.

This blog will cover some of the exciting BIM for landscape features coming to Vectorworks Landmark. Watch Vectorworks Landmark Product Planner Katarina Ollikainen talk about the new Hedgerow tool and object as well as railing and fence improvements, then read onwards to see what else in coming to Vectorworks 2023 in regard to BIM for landscape!

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Topics: Product Launch, BIM (Landscape)

VIDEO | Revolutionizing Landscape Architecture with BIM

Posted by Alex Altieri on 7/19/22 3:13 PM   |  4 min read time

As our landscape architects note, there are six big reasons why the industry is evolving towards incorporating building information modeling (BIM) into their project workflows:

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

Water Conservation Strategies for Sustainable Site Design

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/27/22 11:45 AM   |  7 min read time

This blog will give you a rundown of various strategies and design considerations for water conservation, a critical aspect of designing sustainable sites.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

Meet the Top Performers of the NCLC Competition

Posted by Alex Altieri on 6/23/22 4:20 PM   |  3 min read time

NCLC, the National Collegiate Landscape Competition, occurred in March of 2022. After two years of virtual competition due to COVID-19, this year marked a return to the in-person event.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape), News

Importing Revit Files into Vectorworks Landmark

Posted by Alex Altieri on 4/29/22 9:48 AM   |  4 min read time

Picture your history of site design work. How often have you collaborated with architects who use Revit?

Was your answer “at least once?” Then you’re probably skeptical of how well other design solutions can handle RVT and RFA files.

Fortunately, Vectorworks Landmark boasts some practical and reliable features for collaborating via Revit files. In this blog, you’ll see an overview of Vectorworks’ capabilities for interoperability with Revit and get access to a guide written by our landscape industry specialists.

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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

Why Landscape Architects Choose Vectorworks Landmark

Posted by Alex Altieri on 3/24/22 9:09 AM   |  7 min read time

This Q&A was initially published on Land8.

In landscape architecture, many of the available software options seem to specialize in individual areas, requiring an investment in add-ons to enable more holistic workflows. This comes as a sticking point for many landscape architecture firms whose work spans beyond 2D drawings and plans.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

3 Ways BIM for Landscape Methodology Made This Project Flourish

Posted by Alex Altieri on 2/22/22 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

There’s a lot of information to consider with BIM. Taking a look at a project by scape Landschaftsarchitekten can illustrate a few reasons why (and how) a dedicated BIM effort makes the design process a whole lot smoother and, as a result, more effective.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

Pioneering Biourbanism Using Design Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 1/13/22 10:00 AM   |  4 min read time

Adrian McGregor of McGregor Coxall, a Sydney based global landscape architecture, urbanism, and environmental firm, is pioneering the field of biourbanism. He defines the concept simply as cities = nature.

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Topics: BIM (Landscape)

This Firm Designed Vincent Van Gogh's Face — with Bricks!

Posted by Leslie Briggs on 12/23/21 11:00 AM   |  3 min read time

Vincent van Gogh, born March 30, 1853, would be 167 years old if he were alive today. The artist has inspired many to create art of their own, including Dutch firm [delacourt][vanbeek], who recently recreated Van Gogh’s Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat on a courtyard in Zundert, the Netherlands. The brick mosaic now lives outside of the Van Gogh House where Van Gogh was born.

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Topics: BIM (Architecture), Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

December Webinars: The Story of BIM, AV Workflows, & BIM For Landscape

Posted by Carter Hartong on 12/8/21 9:52 AM   |  2 min read time

Maintain accreditation and earn continuing education credits with Vectorworks’ monthly webinars. Whether you are a beginner or experienced designer, you can gain new skills, fine-tune workflows, and discover all you can do with Vectorworks.

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Topics: Project Highlight, Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

Best-Practice Workflows | Landscape Area, Hardscape, & Plant Tools

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/15/21 10:30 AM   |  6 min read time

We’ve written a lot on Planet Vectorworks about BIM for landscape, and that’s because we’re passionate about how the industry is in the process of adopting smarter, more robust, data-driven workflows.

It’s no stretch to say that Vectorworks is the premier tool for landscape BIM. This blog explains why.

In this blog, you’ll see how three of the BIM tools in Vectorworks Landmark set you up for a successful BIM process. Those tools are:

  • The Landscape Area tool.
  • The Hardscape tool.
  • The Plant tool.
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Topics: Tech Tips and Workflows, BIM (Landscape)

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