Going Nuclear with Vectorworks Software

Posted by Pete Hicks on 7/15/15 11:57 AM   |  1 min read time

Carbon-based energy sources are becoming less relevant every day, and while solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal power are all viable solutions for the world’s energy needs, the effectiveness of these methods varies by location. That’s where nuclear power comes into play. With the help of Vectorworks Designer software, a small design studio in Vermont, USA, digitalmechanics, used 3D CAD technology to understand the challenging internal geometry of a 1968 theoretical nuclear reactor that runs on thorium, the Earth’s most abundant, energy-rich natural resource. And while the concept behind this type of reactor was abandoned as impractical decades ago, taking a more in-depth look at the technology from a modern viewpoint could yield exciting insights into the future of nuclear energy.

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Topics: Architecture, Energy From Thorium, nuclear energy, thorium, Vectorworks Designer, 3D Modeling, digitalmechanics, Michael White, nuclear reactor

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