Jonathan Pickup offers Vector-workout for sharpening skills

Posted by Theresa Downs on 1/5/10 3:28 PM   |  1 min read time

Looking for the perfect New Year's resolution that DOESN'T involve running, aerobics, and weight training? Jonathan Pickup's Vector-workout can be done from the convenience of your desktop without breaking a sweat!

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Topics: resources, ArchonCAD, BIM, Jonathan Pickup, Vector-Workout, Vectorworks 2009, Vectorworks 2010

A&A's "Solution Day" draws large crowds in Tokyo and Osaka

Posted by Theresa Downs on 12/21/09 9:13 AM   |  1 min read time

A&A, our Vectorworks distributor in Japan, knows how to throw a party!

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Topics: A&A, Tomohiko Yamanashi, 3D Modeling, BIM, Daisuke Hamasaki, Katsuyuki Noda, Nikken Sekkei, Noda Tec, Nomura Co. Ltd, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks Solution Day

Nemetschek North America lanza su versión de Vectorworks 2010 en Español

Posted by Theresa Downs on 11/5/09 3:57 PM   |  1 min read time


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Topics: Planet Vectorworks, Spanish-language, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks 2010 en Espanol

Localized Portuguese Vectorworks 2010 software now available in Brazil

Posted by Theresa Downs on 11/5/09 3:54 PM   |  1 min read time

It's time to celebrate Mardi Gras a bit early!

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Topics: Planet Vectorworks, CAD Technology, David Oliveira, Portuguese 2010 Vectorworks, Vectorworks 2010

Localized versions of Vectorworks 2010 now available in European markets

Posted by Theresa Downs on 11/2/09 1:46 PM   |  1 min read time

Localized 2010 versions of Vectorworks® software are now available in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.  Go Europe!

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Topics: Design Express, Planet Vectorworks, VideoCOM, Cesyam, ComputerWorks Germany, ComputerWorks Switzerland, Vectorworks 2010

Vectorworks 2010 Scholastic, gratis per gli studenti

Posted by Jessie Newburn on 11/1/09 1:29 PM   |  1 min read time

Italians don't mess around when it comes to design. With a centuries-long history of producing beautiful art and buildings and living in a culture that values good design, it's no surprise that Vectorworks is embraced by many in Italy. As well, design school students are eager to get their hands on Vectorworks and, now, can do so for free. Qui il link per scaricare il modulo di richiesta in PDF che deve essere debitamente compilato e inviato a VideoCOM per ottenere la licenza gratuita.

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Topics: Italy, Planet Vectorworks, VideoCOM, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks 2010 Scholastic

Deutsche version von Vectorworks 2010

Posted by Theresa Downs on 10/29/09 4:59 PM   |  1 min read time

Just what I was going to say, but I've only listened to the first set of the Pimsleur German-language training CDs, so I might stumble with my German. I'll let the pros say it better; from MacGadget:

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Topics: Austria, ComputerWorks AG, Germany, Planet Vectorworks, Switzerland, ComputerWorks GmbH, Deutsche Version von Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks 2010

CameraMatch 2010. Cool options. Free for students.

Posted by Theresa Downs on 10/23/09 4:57 PM   |  1 min read time

All you CameraMatch users out there will be pleased to know that PanzerCAD has upgraded its CameraMatch plug-in to be compatible with the Vectorworks 2010 line of products. This very cool tool allows Vectorworks software users to quickly and accurately align a 3D view to an existing photograph.

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Topics: Architecture, Matt Panzer, PanzerCAD, Vectorworks Architect, CameraMatch 2010, third party partner, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks Plug-in

Webnash blogs about Vectorworks

Posted by Jessie Newburn on 10/16/09 2:37 PM   |  1 min read time

Join me in extending a warm welcome to one of our newer bloggers in the community of Vectorworks users. He's Michael Erkkinen, an architectural designer and builder living in Massachusetts, in the U.S. Michael blogs under his company name at Webnash Design Build and writes about his work process and Vectorworks. He's even written a review of Vectorworks 2010. When you have a few minutes, take a look at his blog, and write a comment or two on his site.

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Topics: Architecture, Michael Erkkinen, Vectorworks Architect, Vectorworks 2010, Webnash Design Build

ESP Vision releases Vectorworks 2010 plug-ins

Posted by Theresa Downs on 10/14/09 1:31 PM   |  1 min read time

Good news for Vectorworks  Spotlight 2010 users-- the connection to ESP Vision is now possible. Check out the new plug-in for Windows and Mac OSX operating systems which is available as a download. The partnership between Vectorworks and  ESP Vision has a positive, long-standing history and lighting designers who are doing pre-visualizations for shows and events will continue to be able to work with both programs...guaranteeing more Emmys in the future for Vectorworks lighting/entertainment designers!

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Topics: Entertainment, Spotlight, ESP Vision, third party partner, Vectorworks 2010, Vectorworks Plug-in

Vectorworks 2010 now available for US students. Free.

Posted by Jessie Newburn on 10/1/09 6:38 PM   |  1 min read time

Students in the US can now get a fully loaded educational license of Vectorworks Designers 2010 with Renderworks. Proof of enrollment in school is required, so have your student ID or current course schedule scanned and ready to upload when you register for your free software.

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Topics: Free educational license, Planet Vectorworks, US, Vectorworks 2010

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