CameraMatch 2013 plug-in released

Posted by Theresa Downs on 10/15/12 9:23 AM   |  1 min read time

We are pleased to announce that CameraMatch 2013 is now available. This Vectorworks plug-in offers many new features including one standard control line mode, interface improvements, and a new preview object.

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Topics: Architecture, CameraMatch 2013, Matt Panzer, 3D Modeling, third party partner, Tom Cutler, Vectorworks 2013, Vectorworks Plug-in

CadFaster for Vectorworks 2013 now available

Posted by Lisa Lance on 10/11/12 9:50 AM   |  1 min read time

CadFaster|Collaborate 3D CAD software has been updated for the new Vectorworks 2013 software. This easy-to-install plug-in provides design and engineering teams with the power to distribute 3D CAD and BIM models effortlessly and to invite others to view and mark them up remotely and in real time, even from a laptop or iPad.

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Topics: Planet Vectorworks, BIM, C. Andrew Dunning, CadFaster, CadFaster|Collaborate, Cloud, Landru Design, third party partner, Vectorworks 2013, Vectorworks Plug-in

A&A Co. holds SimTread seminar in Tokyo

Posted by Lisa Lance on 8/15/12 10:23 AM   |  1 min read time

On July 20, A&A Co. Ltd., our distributor in Japan, held the first-ever SimTread seminar in Tokyo. SimTread is a pedestrian simulation tool that can be used with Vectorworks software to analyze pedestrian traffic flow, even for complex designs.

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Topics: A&A Co. Ltd., NIKKEN SEKKEI Ltd., Planet Vectorworks, Shige Shiozawa, SimTread, Takenaka Corporation, Waseda University, BIM, Community, Vectorworks Plug-in

Benchmark Estimating Software offers plug-in for Vectorworks

Posted by Theresa Downs on 6/28/12 10:12 AM   |  2 min read time

Users of Vectorworks Landmark software will be pleased to know that a plug-in for Benchmark Estimating Software is now available. Founded in Australia in 1996, Benchmark Estimating Software is used globally by leading landscape firms to create accurate and professional estimates.

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Topics: Adrian Slatter, Benchmark Estimating Software, resources, Design Software Solutions, Landmark, Landscape, third party partner, Vectorworks Plug-in

ArchiWIZARD plug-in for Vectorworks now available

Posted by Julie McClure on 4/26/12 12:04 PM   |  1 min read time

Designers in France can now produce accurate energy analysis calculations thanks to a new plug-in for Vectorworks software. Developed by French distributor CESYAM and designed to help users comply with a new thermal regulation, RT-2012, the free plug-in exports Vectorworks-created BIM models to ArchiWIZARD, which is a powerful software suite that lets designers evaluate the impact of their architectural choices on the energy performance of buildings (e.g., heat balance, lighting, solar energy production).

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Topics: Architecture, resources, Thierry Beurey, Vectorworks 2012, Vectorworks Architect, ArchiWIZARD, BIM, Cesyam, Vectorworks Plug-in

Landru Design releases Audio ToolSet 2

Posted by Theresa Downs on 3/12/12 11:24 AM   |  1 min read time

We are pleased to announce that Landru Design has released Audio ToolSet 2, the long-anticipated update for the first and only set of audio plug-in objects for Vectorworks software.

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Topics: Entertainment, resources, Spotlight, 3D Modeling, Audio ToolSet 2, C. Andrew Dunning, Landru Design, third party partner, Vectorworks Plug-in

Nemetschek Vectorworks announces Vectorworks 2012 U.S. Virtual Event

Posted by Theresa Downs on 9/1/11 12:48 PM   |  1 min read time

We are excited to announce that the Vectorworks 2012 U.S. Virtual Event will take place Sept. 13-16, 2011.

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Topics: Dr. Biplab Sarkar, Planet Vectorworks, Renderworks, Sean Flaherty, Vectorworks 2012, BIM, Vectorworks 2012 U.S. Virtual Event, Vectorworks Plug-in

connectCAD version 11 now available

Posted by Lisa Lance on 5/26/11 11:54 AM   |  1 min read time

If you use Vectorworks to design networks, you'll be happy to know that version 11 of connectCAD is now available. connectCAD is a suite of plug-ins for Vectorworks that adds specialized tools to the program for designing IT networks and broadcast and audio-visual systems. A  highlight of this version is a new Connector Panel tool for wiring theaters, conference centers, exhibition centers, and sports stadiums.

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Topics: Entertainment, connectCAD, Conrad Preen, third party partner, Vectorworks Plug-in

Design custom decks with Vectorworks and the new DeckWorks software from Trex Company

Posted by Lisa Lance on 3/8/11 10:13 AM   |  1 min read time

We are partnering with Trex Company, Inc. to present a free webinar to demonstrate the benefits of the new DeckWorks deck design software. Used in conjunction with the 2011 version of Vectorworks plus Renderworks, the DeckWorks software plug-in from Trex is a high-quality, versatile deck design program for contractors, designers, and landscape architects that allows professionals to create photorealistic 3D renderings of everything from deck structures to furniture layouts to landscaping plans.

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Topics: Mel Karlson, Paul Lafrance, 3D Modeling, Cutting Edge Construction, DeckWorks, HGTV, Landscape, Lee Barwick, third party partner, Trex Company Inc., Vectorworks Plug-in

connectCAD plug-in makes connectivity a cinch

Posted by Theresa Downs on 3/7/11 7:17 AM   |  1 min read time

If you design networks or connected systems, you may be interested in the plug-in connectCAD, an amazingly simple and intuitive CAD tool for designing systems of connected objects.

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Topics: Entertainment, connectCAD, Conrad Preen, third party partner, Vectorworks Plug-in

New plug-in "Bookshelf" latest addition to Vector Depot

Posted by Theresa Downs on 7/1/10 3:36 PM   |  1 min read time

Patrick B. McConnell over at Vector Depot continues to make our lives easier.

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Topics: Patrick B. McConnell, Planet Vectorworks, resources, Bookshelf, Community, third party partner, Vector Depot, Vectorworks Plug-in

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