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Update 5 brings a host of enhancements to the Vectorworks 2024 product line, including performance boosts and general updates that amplify its quality.

Among the standout features are improvements to Project Sharing for Google Drive and the exciting addition of Redshift Interactive Preview Rendering on design layers, allowing for real-time changes to geometry in Redshift render mode.

For All Industries

Redshift Interactive Preview Rendering

Introducing the Redshift Interactive Preview Rendering feature in design layers, a dynamic tool that allows for real-time adjustments to geometry, lighting, backgrounds, and textures within the Redshift render mode. This interactive mode empowers you to experiment with materials and lighting before initiating the final render, providing enhanced predictability and control over the Redshift rendering outcome.

More Predictability with the Transform Mode of the Selection Tool

Enhancements to the Transform mode in the Selection tool provide a seamless and intuitive experience, increasing predictability and ease of use.

Improvements to Project Sharing on Google Drive

Enhancements to Project Sharing via Google Drive have been implemented, aligning it with the latest updates in Google Drive's sharing protocol. As a result, Project Sharing now operates more smoothly on Google Drive.

Upgraded USD File Export

Enhancements in exporting USD files bring added stability and ease, facilitating a smooth transfer of geometry to partner applications such as Omniverse or Morpholio.

For the Architecture Industry

Enhanced Wall Closure Support in IFC Exports

Experience a higher level of precision in the geometry exported to IFC files, perfect for reliable wall takeoffs. This advancement provides greater detail and confidence in your IFC exports.

Cabinet Tool: Better Display of Doors & Drawers in Top/Plan view

Enhanced visualization of doors and drawers in top/plan view for the Cabinet tool provides heightened precision and detail in your design output.

For the Landscape Industry

IFC Export: Improved Support for Fence Infill & Footings

Enhanced support for fence infill and footings in IFC export, along with increased detail in exported geometry, empowers you to confidently share your IFC exports with project collaborators.

For the Entertainment Industry

MVR Import Updates

Greater precision of fixture coordinates during the MVR import process offers a significant advantage by promoting efficient information exchange.

Equipment Summary Key Supports Filtered Objects

The Equipment Summary Key can now support filtered objects. This enhancement saves time through automation and ensures a higher level of accuracy in your project documentation.

L-Acoustics Updated Content Library

This update to the content library of platinum partner L-Acoustics provides easy access to the robust L-Acoustics library of audio symbols, ensuring that you have access to the latest geometry and data.

ConnectCAD Cable Tool Improvements

The ConnectCAD Cable tool now includes support for cable lengths with floating points and the ability to include equipment used as drop points in cabling diagrams. These updates lead to greater automation in creating cabling documentation within ConnectCAD, ultimately saving time and instilling confidence in the accuracy of the documentation.

Download the Update Today

To install the service pack, please select Check for Updates from the Vectorworks menu (Mac) or Help menu (Windows).

More on the Update

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