CEO Dr. Sarkar on the Values That Shape Vectorworks

Posted by Carter Hartong on 1/16/22 12:00 PM  |  4 min read time

In many ways, what you do defines who you are, and who you are defines what you do. It’s no different for us at Vectorworks. That’s why we’ve built ourselves around the four values of inclusion, balance, collaboration, and innovation, and act upon them each and every day.

Our core values are the driving force behind our team's culture and strategy. And, in a recent discussion with Dr. Biplab Sarkar, Vectorworks CEO, about his decision to have the company observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day, these values inevitably found their way into the conversation.

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Inclusion to Celebrate our Differences

We recognize that strength lies in differences, not similarities. So, we seek to broaden our perspectives through insight from people with experiences different from our own. “Inclusion to me,” said Dr. Sarkar, “is to be aware of the unconscious biases and preconceived notions about people who have different backgrounds and different profiles.”

But inclusion cannot simply be an abstract idea. It must be put into practice. Dr. Sarkar said that our commitment to inclusion means that individual differences and backgrounds of our team members and applicants are welcomed at Vectorworks.

Balance to Take Care of Ourselves

Another of our core values is balance.

We foster a supportive workplace that brings out the best in each of us by nourishing our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing to encourage work/life balance. According to Tania Salgado-Nealous, chief human resources officer, balance comes from “employees’ desires to do their jobs well while also fulfilling their commitments to their lives outside of work."

Through paid time off, paid time for volunteerism, parental leave programs, and even plenty of virtual get-togethers during work hours, Vectorworks team members are encouraged to be their best selves, both in their offices and in their communities.

Collaboration to Bring Us Together

We encourage efficient and effective communication throughout the workplace that empowers all Vectorworks team members so we can achieve success as one. 

Jeremy Powell, Vectorworks' chief marketing officer, sites collaboration as the reason he loves coming to work each and every day. "Collaboration is something that has to be desired by every employee, and lived out in our work here at Vectorworks. A truly collaborative workplace energizes us, inspires us to innovate, and leads to greater more meaningful accomplishments for our teams, our company, and for the customers we work to serve."

Innovation to Push Us Forward

At Vectorworks, we work to implement real, logical, and lasting solutions as we think outside the box, try new things, improve our crafts, and maximize our impact on the design world. As a software company innovation is incredibly important.

“Innovation means listening with empathy and fostering deep curiosity,” said Steve Johnson, chief technology officer. “It fuels the fire and drives us all to strive for excellence!”

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The third Monday of every January marks MLK Day in the United States. According to AmeriCorps, “MLK Day is the only federal holiday designated as a national day of service to encourage all Americans to volunteer to improve their communities.”

When he came to America in 1986, Dr. Sarkar immediately felt the importance of MLK Day, thanks to his friends and colleagues at The Ohio State University. “I knew exactly what the day meant to the African-American community.”

Given his reverence for the day and what it represents, Dr. Sarkar hopes that Vectorworks employees act intentionally on MLK Day: “Do something that, if not volunteerism, at least reflects on what this particular day means to our communities.”

At Vectorworks we’ll continue to have values that reflect what we believe, and MLK Day provides an opportunity to continue to act in ways that reflect those values.

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