Vectorworks 2023 Provides You with Time-Saving Benefits

Vectorworks 2023 will be here soon! Focusing on process automation and time-saving tools, the newest product updates will allow you to spend more time doing what you love: designing!

With the upcoming release, the Vectorworks suite of products will see additional features and enhancements. When speaking about the release, Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar said:

“For Vectorworks 2023, we’ve spent our time focused on improving our software so that designers don’t feel bogged down by the technology but instead find efficiencies that let them focus on imaginative and creative designs.”


Read on for a preview of what’s coming with Vectorworks 2023!

Even Better BIM for Architecture and Landscape

With the impending release of Vectorworks Architect 2023, core architectural objects have been re-engineered and modernized to be more intuitive through all phases of a project, reducing the amount of manual work needed to create and edit day-to-day documentation. The features and updates that will improve your day-to-day documentation include:

  • Improved window and door object creation
  • A new Graphic Legend tool that removes the manual process of creating graphic legends 
  • And more!

Vectorworks Landmark 2023 will also bring you new and improved capabilities that will underscore why it’s the landscape architecture industry’s leader for BIM. These capabilities include:

  • New site modifier modes
  • Intuitive ways to account for proper grading on paved and unpaved surfaces
  • An extensive library of 3D plant geometry, thanks to a partnership with Laubwerk
  • And more!

Improved Interoperability

New features and updates in Vectorworks 2023 will also allow for better, faster, and more accurate collaboration between you and your consultants.

The following will ensure that Vectorworks remains your unrivaled choice for collaboration:

  • Greater flexibility with new Revit import options
  • Translation of more Revit object types, providing better organization of imported file data
  • A new BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) web palette that can be kept open to seamlessly manage and model changes with cloud-based tools
  • And more!

Vectorworks 2023_New Version_1

User Experience Updates

As you previously read on Planet Vectorworks, there are several user experience feature updates in all Vectorworks 2023 products! If you’ve yet to read the story or would like to review, click below:

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The following features and updates will streamline your experience in Vectorworks 2023:

  • A new Home Screen feature
  • Updates to the Shaded Render Mode
  • A new Offset Edge to streamline your 3D modeling process
  • And more!

Time-Saving Updates to Your Entertainment Tools

Continuous improvements to Vectorworks Spotlight and ConnectCAD will be the focus in version 2023. You’ll see upgrades to your most important tools, lessening the amount of tedious, manual work you’ll have to do.

The following upgrades will provide you with more effective and efficient workflows:

  • Faster cable configuration and planning
  • Easier selection and editing of object from the Power Planning palette
  • Cable and device management options in the Property View of the Power Planning palette
  • All associated cables now report to Data Tags
  • Quicker and more accurate riser diagrams and reports in ConnectCAD
  • And more!

To see other posts on what’s coming to Vectorworks 2023, as well as an upcoming deep dive on industry-specific updates, click the button below.


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