Vectorworks Design Days Showcase Version 2020 Around the World

Posted by Alex Altieri on 10/21/19 2:55 PM  |  2 min read time

With September’s release of Vectorworks 2020, some of our executives, distribution partners, and users celebrated new features and capabilities around Europe with Vectorworks Design Days.


With stops in London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm, these Design Days are a chance to reveal all that’s new with Vectorworks. A range of presenters talked about the enhanced workflows made possible by a suite of new and updated features.

Explore Vectorworks 2020, designed for simple yet effective workflows.


CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar’s keynote presentation was an overview on the state of Vectorworks. He covered investments and acquisitions like the new ConnectCAD signal flow add-on for the entertainment industry. The biggest item he covered, though, was the release of version 2020.


In case you missed it, here are some highlights from the Design Days:

  • Our own Architecture Industry Specialist Luis Ruiz spoke on 3D modeling best practices and more complex modeling capabilities like the Deform tool and NURBS curves/surfaces. He touched on the creation of necessary documentation,  attaching data to objects, and taking advantage of Vectorworks Cloud Services.
  • Peter Pihlblad of Mediatec gave a presentation called “Vectorworks Is More Than Just a Drawing Tool.” It was a case study on a project completed by five different people in five different locations, highlighting Vectorworks’ project sharing capabilities. Pihlblad covered the creation of cable lists, weight calculations, patch lists, equipment lists, and more.
  • Entertainment Industry Specialist Jim Woodward unveiled new features in Spotlight, Vision, and BraceworksTM. His in-depth presentations included a demo on data exchange with the General Device Type Format (GDTF) and My Virtual Rig (MVR), a valuable flow of information between design file and console.
  • Award-winning lighting designer Mathias Hersland showcased how the scenography and lighting design work together in a production of David Bowie’s “Lazarus.” 

Jealous? Vectorworks may be coming to a city near you — check out our events calendar to see!


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