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On April 13, we hosted our second annual virtual Open House. This event is becoming one of our favorite days of the year.

The Open House was an exciting chance for customers around the world to connect with Vectorworks professionals about all things Vectorworks 2022, Service Pack 3, and more!

This year’s Open House event was a tremendous success. It was our first Open House available to direct customers in Australia, and Vectorworks tutorials were held by our industry experts every hour on the hour.

Read on to find out what attendees had to say about the event and what topics were covered!


What Attendees Said About the Vectorworks Open House

Yes, the Open House was a success, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some attendees had to say!


"There were many rooms and categories to choose from!" — Phil Hayes


"Thank you so much, that was great. You answered all my questions today. I’m so glad I came." — Annonymous


“Awesome event and so great to collaborate with your experts and other attendees.” — Annonymous


“Thank you for a great event and giving me a chance to ask some beginner questions.” — Sarah Lovell, student



More and more designers are seeing the advantages of using renderings in their design process, whether it be through plug-ins or Renderworks’ native rendering capabilities. At the Open House we went over how you can use textures, materials, and more for realistic renderings.

There’s a ton of great posts on Planet Vectorworks about rendering. Check out a couple of them below:

***Rendering with Lumion post coming soon to Planet Vectorworks.

renderworks camera desk-1


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of our favorite topics to cover with other architectures professionals. It’s the best way to organize and coordinate data that you have associated with your design models.

During the Open House, we hosted conversations on several BIM-related topics and answered questions on interoperability and data management.

Want to know more about BIM in Vectorworks? Check out the blog posts below:


 Landscapes, BIM, and GIS

Just like the AEC industry, BIM is taking over the landscape and site design industries.

Our industry specialists held talks with landscape professionals regarding site modeling, GIS, plant symbols, and hardscapes.

Look below for more on the technologies changing landscape design:

BIM Landscape_1


Our collection of entertainment products — Vectorworks Spotlight, Braceworks, ConnectCAD, and Vision — make up the total design and production solution that allows you to design without limits™.

During the Open House, we had the chance to meet with many industry professionals and discuss topics like lighting, rigging, scenic design, and A/V.

For more on the entertainment industry’s best design software, read below:


Cloud and Mobile 

The use of Nomad and the Cloud Portal were reviewed in the Open House’s Cloud and Mobile room. These features increase the ease of collaboration and presentation of your Vectorworks projects, so it’s understandable customers wanted to know more.

There are also several huge upgrades to the Cloud and Nomad with the release of Service Pack 3. If you also want to learn about our cloud and mobile services, click the links below:


3D Modeling

3D modeling in Vectorworks is a limitless design opportunity. In this room, our industry experts gave insightful demos and answered customers’ questions on the multiple types of modeling Vectorworks supports — including surface, solids, and subdivision modeling.

Check out the following blogs on 3D modeling:

Studio Flood

Vectorworks University and Certifications

One room of the Open House was all about Vectorworks University and the opportunities available to designers to maintain accreditation.

For example, we hold monthly webinars for architecture/interior, landscape, and entertainment design. Click below for more on webinars and Vectorworks University:

Vectorworks University Featured

Software for Education 

Another of the topics discussed at the Open House was education. Specifically, how we support the growth and development of young, aspiring designers. For example, there’s our Design Scholarship, which is now open!

We also spoke with customers about our scholarship opportunities and lab donations.

For more on our involvement in education, check out the blog posts below:



The final room for the Open House was to answer customer questions and share future wishes related to our public roadmap, which lets you see the future of Vectorworks. When you view the roadmap, you can browse upcoming developments and leave your feedback.

For more on the roadmap, read the post below:

roadmapContinue the Conversation with Vectorworks

Thanks to the passionate conversations and troubleshooting that took place at Open House, our design community continues to grow. And you can keep the conversations going on the Vectorworks forum. Just click the button below.


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