3 Breathtaking Designs Created with Vectorworks Landmark

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Let's take a look at three projects and just appreciate both their impressive concept drawings and breathtaking final products. Enjoy!

1. PLACEMEDIA'S Taicang Yuqin Garden

PLACEMEDIA's design concept for the Taicang Yuqin Garden blends sustainability and beauty. The elevated "Green Islands" connect to each other with a series of pathways, creating the illusion of a leaf and appealing to the sustainable community.

blog-1440x800_Taicang Yuqin GardenImage courtesy of PLACEMEDIA.

“We feel that it is a mission of our profession to be the first to create a better society,” said Yuta Kobayashi, associate at PLACEMEDIA.

4983-launch-signature-image-Land-overlayImage courtesy of PLACEMEDIA.

The graphics of the master plan are so impressive, allowing for easy interpretation and appreciation. The use of contour lines aids in understanding the changes in elevation, while the color scheme indicates the different groups of plants.

The inclusion of building elements also provides context for the site and how the team designed the space.

2. PWP Landscape Architecture's Jewel Changi Airport

Now let's marvel at two amazing projects from PWP Landscape Architecture, the decorated firm responsible for design of the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City.

The first project, Singapore’s Jewel Changi Airport looks more like something from a science fiction movie than an airport. The hub is overflowing with lush greenery and a dramatic water feature. 

blog-1440x800_Jewel Changi Airport 1

Image courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture.

Notice the incredible graphics of PWP Landscape Architecture. They showcase the seamless integration of planting plans with architectural elements in their design for Jewel Changi Airport. As landscape architecture and architecture often work in tandem, it's impressive to see how the firm coordinates both in their drawings.

VW FV Section

Image courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture.

Founder Peter Walker attests to Vectorworks' flexibility and refinement, making it a staple in their preliminary design process.

“We always use Vectorworks on preliminaries,” he said. “That’s typically the way we work — everyone here has to do that. It’s much more flexible; it’s much more refined than AutoCAD. 


3. PWP Landscape Architecture's Barangaroo Reserve

blog-1440x800_Barangaroo 1Image courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture.

The Barangaroo Reserve, another masterpiece from PWP, solved the unique dilemma of melding a rustic shoreline with a modern backdrop in a way that also honors Australian culture and heritage. According to the Reserve’s website, the greenery is inspired by vegetation that existed in Australia before European settlement, making it “the most scientifically significant planting program in central Sydney for decades.”

1001-1014_PLAN_v2015Image courtesy of PWP Landscape Architecture.

PWP delivered the above plan. In a simple legend, the team and consultants have all the information they need: plant name, plant distribution rate, and the correlating symbol in the site plan.

As you can see, firms like PLACEMEDIA and PWP trust Vectorworks Landmark to create beautiful designs. Plenty of other firms are also trusting Vectorworks Landmark for its powerful BIM capabilities. To learn more about how BIM is taking over landscape architecture, click the button below:


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