Validate Your Models within Vectorworks Architect

Quality assurance is now just a click away in Vectorworks.

We’ve partnered with Solibri, our Nemetschek sister company, to offer you a new way to deliver quality designs comfortably. With Solibri Inside, you can validate, report, and modify design errors in an easy-to-use model checker directly inside Vectorworks design and BIM software.

In this post, you’ll discover the top five things you need to know about Solibri Inside.

1. Solibri Inside Helps You Validate, Report, and Modify Design Errors

With Solibri Inside, you can avoid the hassle of fixing mistakes after the fact, since it automatically checks, validates, and reports errors as you design.

As Luc Lefebvre, our Architect product marketing manager, told Architosh, Solibri Inside reduces the risks of doing BIM, making sure you're bringing better building models to the process.

2. Solibri Inside Improves Your BIM Processes

A Building Information Modeling (BIM) process is proven to help reduce the cost of your projects from design to construction and even facility management. You can deliver high-quality BIM models that everyone can rely upon.

Simply put, BIM and quality assurance go hand-in-hand; just ask Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar:

“Quality assurance is a critical component of BIM, but many architecture firms have historically lacked a robust way to accurately and efficiently check their models. biplabWe’re proud to alleviate this pain point for our users in collaboration with Solibri through this integrated, flexible, and time-saving solution. Solibri Inside provides automatic rule-based checking in a convenient application, so architects can confidently deliver high-quality, precise designs every time.”


3. Solibri Inside is Available in the Vectorworks Interface

With the release of Vectorworks 2023 Service Pack 6, the Solibri Inside web palette is now available to try directly in Vectorworks Architect and Design Suite products. This means you can use all Solibri Inside’s model-checking capabilities without the need to leave Vectorworks or install additional software!

For a full list of improvements included in Vectorworks 2023 Service Pack 6, click here.

Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 2.48.28 PM

You can create your free Solibri Inside account from the Web palette within Vectorworks. To access the palette, select Window > Palettes > Web Palettes > Solibri Inside.

From there, there’s nothing left to do but activate your free trial, unlock your checks, and get started with accurate and efficient model validation. 

After your 30-day trial period has ended, you can continue using Solibri Inside in Vectorworks for only €15 each month.

4. Solibri Inside Has an Ever-Expanding Selection of Pre-Set Checks

With Solibri Inside, you have a wealth of pre-set checks available.

Starter Pack checks, such as Vertical Check and Fire Safety Properties Check, can be clicked on in your Solibri Inside palette and will begin running instantly.

A Vertical Check checks if there’s enough vertical clearance between your slab objects, and you can edit the height of the clearance to suit the building regulations your project needs to meet.

A Fire Safety Properties Check, on the other hand, checks whether or not you’ve assigned door objects as a fire exit, and if your walls have the correct fire rating.

Be on the lookout, too, as Solibri is constantly updating and adding new checks to the Starter Pack, helping you streamline your checking processes.

Solibri Fire

5. Solibri Inside Lets You Create Custom Checks for Personalized Workflows

If your architectural model requires a check that’s not currently available in the Starter Pack, you also can create custom checks with Solibri Inside in Vectorworks.

A custom check is made up of two components: targets and rules.


A “target” serves as a filter for your check, telling Solibri which objects to apply a check on. You can set walls to be a target, for example, and you can create a check of thermal transmittance.

Your check’s “rule” acts as an action and informs Solibri what to do. In the example of an thermal transmittance, a rule would check whether the data field Pset_WallCommon – ThermalTransmittance is added to all walls.

Start your free trial today!

To see the ease of Solibri Inside in use, click the button to register for your free trial:


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